Teho & Van Did – Hope (Knockout Edit)

Iketa – Burn (Max Cooper Remix)

Kastis Torrau – Hero (Original Mix)

Guy J – Dizzy Moments (Original Mix)

Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda – The Space Between Us

Andain – Turn Up The Sound (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)

Open the dark side of me
Find where your faith needs to be
Help me gain focus on you
Partly I know what to do

So turn up the sound now
Make it feel louder
Who is it playing
Are you still here?

Who’s all around now
Are they still listening?
What are they saying?
Words that are clear

Turn up the sound now
Lost in the crowd and I
Haven’t heard this one before

Turn up the sound now
What are you saying?
No, I’m not listening anymore

Please don’t confess to the sin
Unless you’re set to begin
Fallout seems more than just trust
Walls down and dive into us

Jeremy Olander vs. Kent – Petroleum (Original Mix)

Magic Panda – Tokyo (Groj Remix)

Teho – The Way to Nowhere (Klangwelt 020)

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Warning: Incorrectly following these instructions could cause damage to your site. Always back up your files and database before attempting a manual fix. If you are not comfortable editing code, we can automatically fix the vulnerability for you! Simply use the ”Automatic Fix” button on your dashboard.

CSRF vulnerability is possible to execute, because WordPress comment system does not check the source.

Please back up your website before making this change, as we cannot be responsible for problems that occur during this manual fix.

  1. Login to your WordPress FTP
  2. Go to WordPress root directory
  3. Backup the wp-comments-post.php file
  4. Edit the wp-comments-post.php file
  5. Find the line, that begins with “/** Sets up the WordPress Environment. */”
  6. Prepend that line with the next code:
    if ( ! isset( $_SERVER[ "HTTP_REFERER" ] ) )
    $referrer_url = $_SERVER[ "HTTP_REFERER" ];
    $server_name = str_replace( "." , "\." , $_SERVER[ "HTTP_HOST" ] );	
    /*Escape the dots for following regexp search */
    $server_name = str_replace( '/' , '\/' , $server_name );	
    /*Escape the '/' for following regexp search */
    $referr_pattern = "/^((http(s)?):\/\/)?(www.)?$server_name/";
    if ( ! preg_match( $referr_pattern, $referrer_url ) )
  7. Save
  8. Done

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