Get rid of MS Windows Genuine Advantage new nag screen

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Go to Start>Control Panel>User Accounts>Change The Way Users Log on or Off>Untick Use Welcome Screen.

Nags removed.


There’s an even easier way if you’ve downloaded and installed the update. Takes about 3 minutes.

1. Go into Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services. Double-click on Security Centre. Click on Stop, then change “Automatic” to “Disabled”

2. Go into Control Panel>Automatic Updates. Set to either disable or notify, whichever you want

3. Run Regedit, do a search for “wgalogon” key. Delete complete key


Voila, no more wga. You don’t need to delete wgatray.exe and wgalogon.dll unless you want to, and if you do you don’t need to be in safe mode, they’ll delete without a problem in normal mode.

Hopefully someone far more knowledgeable than me will come up with a fix which blocks the WGA Notification update without having to disable auto updates, but until then this method works perfectly (done it on at least a dozen PC’s to date).


1.C:Documents and Settings.All Users.Application Data.Windows Genuine

inside you will find a file called Data.dat open that file with notepad and
delete all the stuff in it… now save the file and set it as read only and

restart pc.

2.system32 folder: May need to be in safemode to remove these files.


where setup are:

delete this file and problem solved


Hi Mike,
My site now has WGAREMOVER 2.0. This version can be run WITHOUT SAFE MODE. Also, this version will fix not only the nag screen, but also if you have no nag screen but are unable to get updates from Windows Update because of a “NOT GENUINE” Windows installation. Again the site is:

it is under “Phil’s Programs”.


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  1. Hi to all i’ve found a easier way to get rid of them Nagging messages. Find that little blue star in the task bar then right click on it then click on Change Notifications Settings wait for web page to come up, then click on plus on Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications Options and uncheck Display Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications messages done you will not see them messages again! But that little star will still be in the task bar but that bubble won’t appear either. Hope this works.

  2. Just wanted to say thanks. Method number 2 worked perfectly.

  3. You guy just saved me AUD 237.15 which is what ms wanted me to pay to get rid of the annoying blue star symptoms.
    Method 2 worked a treat!

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