Enigma “Goodbye Milky Way” Lyrics

Goodbye Milky Way
Shall I go?
Shall I stay?
107 light years away, many times, so many doubts…
but no reason to talk about…

“mission is over, mission is done,
I’ll miss you children of the sun
but it’s time to go away, Goodbye, Goodbye Milky way!”

for a better world without hate, from your heart believe in fate
only visions and the mind will guide you to the light.

“mission is over, mission is done,
I’ll miss you children of the sun
now it’s time to go and say, Goodbye, Goodbye Milky way!”

mission is over, mission is done,
I’ll miss you children of the sun
I’ll get born this one day,
I say Goodbye, Goodbye Milky way!”

in 5 billion years
Andromeda galaxy will collide with our Milky way,
a new gigantic cosmic world will be born…


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  1. awesome lyrics.. seem to be so innocent and peaceful, but they are true and deep indeed. a good tune to say goodbye to the world to me..

  2. This is a great song.. I love listening to it. It is a great conclusion to the new album, A Posteriori. I am glad to find others who like this song and this group.

  3. Just beautiful. Somebody knows what instrument is used to create this awesome sound?

  4. Моделист-Деструктор

    Тема очень красивая. А что за величина в 107 световых лет?

  5. Christina Dobreva

    I love the songs…actually most of the songs in the new album, the lyrics are suiting me quite well. It all brings me peace. Love it.

  6. it is just a masterpiece . never heard anything like it…………….

  7. Awesome lyrics … though needs few corrections. Not upto that level of earlier Enigma albums, but perhaps they want to break out of their image of chants and rhymes – this album is much soothing and relaxing …

  8. perfect synesthesia

  9. I Feel Enigma In this Frequencies….

  10. really it’s not enough to listen 5 Billion times……

  11. lovely song.. soothing and peaceful…lyrics are awesome… the concept of this song is great…only enigma can do this…and thats why they stand apart from the rest..love u enigma way to go…

  12. This song is really awesome and peacefully, i like people like you… for a better world.
    This song remind me when i was in Brasil… and i have received a phone call from my mother…. my cat of 12 yo was dead 😥 for a cancer, now this sad song.. make me cry, and when i listen to it ..my thinking goes to my wonderful cat Valentina..R.I.P.
    Good song..i love Enigma

  13. it’s really gravitate us to the truth of love….superb…

  14. Antirisar Urat-Ragan

    mind blowing song this one.It moves me to a different plane.Apt for the credits of some epic trilogy.
    i’ll miss you children of the sun
    Can you even hope to beat that line?
    any other enigma recommendations?

  15. I think it has even kabbalistic meaning…saying like …goodbye children of the sun…and to always look for the Light…it really is a song of hope…almost prophetic, don’t you think?

  16. it brings down down tears in ur eyes when u listen to it for first time , that haunted music lingers in mind for days after listening to song.Bravo enigma and Cretu

  17. Quiet……..soothing…………peaceful……….and very soul searching when it comes to saying goodbye to someone you love.

  18. this song goodbye milkyway,its really something out of this world no words to define it

  19. Very very nice… hypnotic music, poetic words, wonderful voice….
    I’m glad to have discovered Enigma even if a bit tired..

  20. Fill up the senses, truly blissful melody and soothing rhythm and orchestra of Enigmatic magic, kudos to all Enigma Family for such a wonderful New Album……

  21. If you ever feel tired or hatered do listen this song. I bet you ‘ll feel on the top of this world.. GURANTEED!!

  22. its awesome,,i juz got back my peace of mind..its bring me to a different world..juz listen to it..u’ll able to rearrange ur inner thots and emotions also..it will make u feel something more different..peacefull..make u feel calm n quite..in a word ..i wud like to express in my language “ODVUT”

  23. I just love it. It is my favorite song ever. Never get tired of listening to it. It brings my soul up to a higher dimension and makes me travel through time and space. Great job Enigma!

  24. Miraculous song which took me beyond imagination……goodbye milky way……..I will meet in cosmic world but as what….never know….im still evolving………….wil meet u soon in cosmic world..

  25. The whole thing was done with synthesizers, Jorge. Except, of course, the voices.

  26. I’ve alway love and supported Enigma.

    This song Goodbye Milky Way is touching and beautiful indeed!

    Love It!

    Any Indigo child will be able to understand the lyrics very well.

  27. This song is so wonderful. It makes you feel at peace and just be.

    goodbye, goodbye milky way…

  28. Great Music with an Historical Record song of the universe……………………

  29. GreatMusic ,song of the Universe…. feel the cold , sun, rain,and wind…………

  30. Я думаю, как широкий наш milkyway находится в свете yesrs

    I think its how wide our milkyway is in light years.?

  31. I am Romanian like M.Cretu(aka Enigma) am I am trouly proud to be from the same nation like this incredible artist! YOU ARE INCREDIBLE,YOUR MUSIC IS SO PURE!

  32. The end of our milky way may be a new beginning in one way or another. A new world may come with new life. With life comes love.

  33. Master Dragon of Light

    In deed, as a explorer and seeker of music and wisdom i have collected every song by Enigma and other groups like them. True they are poised on the very heart string of the universe. As a DJ both in the new age and techno realms i have always adviced others of the healing and karmatic peace found within their music. if you wish, try also “wish you were here by Bliss” as well as music by “Delerium”. take care and be well, and many blessings upon you all.


  34. I love Enigma! and I really love Goodbye Milky Way too… this song makes me feel melancholic. Thank you for posting the lyrics! and best regards to all of the Enigma’s fans.

  35. I found this song just a few day before and I thought I know all Enigma`s song… What a song! It makes me fill so….speachless… nice time to joy, to think, to fall in love again… Regards to Enigma fans all over the world from Serbia…

  36. …i heard it today, simplly amzing, equally amazing is its lyrics. at once it touches heart dwells in those place which is calm like a deep sea, which is piece loving…vey humane.

  37. …i heard it today, simply amzing, equally amazing is its lyrics. at once it touches heart; dwells in those place which is calm like a deep sea, which is piece loving…very humane…

  38. awesome! an hour ago was my first time to hear it, and i came across your blog while searching for the lyrics, thank you. it’s specially good for those who like astronomy 😀

  39. I love this track It is my favourite on the album. I cannot stop listening to it over and over again. It makes me cry and relieves the stress of my current situation

  40. Great Band with a Great song.

  41. It’s only implied by the lyrics that the Andromeda Galaxy is 107 light years away. I suppose this could be from the perspective of a space explorer just drifting elsewhere, but…

    …107 is a rather strange number to use. It doesn’t rhyme with anything, it doesn’t match up to anything astronomically significant. Why use it? Is 107 significant to something else Enigma is inspired by?

  42. Just a hugely wild guess, but maybe the song is placed in the future when the Andromeda Galaxy is much, much closer (107 light years) and the 2 galaxies are about to collide. The date for collision however, is closer to 2 million years than 5 billion.

  43. Sorry, collision is ‘less than 2 billion years’ away…

  44. I’ve never been in love with any band like the way I did in Enigma! Their songs are the best, especially this. It relaxes me.

  45. ENigma is d best.

  46. i can say goodbye anything, but can’t say goodbye “ENIGMA”
    i wish Mr. cretu will create 5 billion songs like this

    (\/ @ \/)
    ( ) U ENIGMA!!———-FOREVER******
    ( )
    \ /




    (\/ @ \/)
    ( )
    ( )
    \ /



    (\/ @ \/)
    ( )
    ( )
    \ /

  49. no music like enigma..
    its the best music..

  50. This is a greatest Song of Posteriori album … I love it soo much >>>Thx for that …

    SAYED ,,

  51. Enigma is the Best!! Thx for such a song

  52. Enigma is a philosophy,
    Return to innocence,
    The dream of the dolphins,
    Beyond the invisible,
    Th silent worrior,
    Eyes of truth,
    Back to the rivers of belief,
    above all “Goodbye Milky way”

  53. Data Daedalus

    These lyrics (and the song “Goodbye Milky Way”) evoke the following conclusions:
    The lyrics are those of a space traveller from a distant galaxy (Andromeda?) who has come to our galaxy and world on a mission to further our evolution and bring us closer, spiritually to the universe. His mission is now complete, and he (or she!) is returning to his world, his galaxy. The ET has developed an affinity with Earth, hence the touching goodbye song.

    Personal experience.

  54. I love Enigma! and I really love Goodbye Milky Way too… this song makes me feel melancholic. Thank you for posting the lyrics! and best regards to all of the Enigma’s fans

  55. really my words cant emphasize haow much beautifull this song is

  56. so beautiful..crean una atmosfera tremenda muy buena graciaS Enigma

  57. i heard this song last week for the first time… on an overnight flight to iceland. it was beautiful. my father died a while back and this trip was intended to help me find some peace. this song is now forever linked to this trip and to my father.

  58. Very much to be pleasant to me it song…… I hope that having passed even billions years this song remains in the hearts of people……

  59. This song touches my soul and I see it touches so many others out there as well. For a few minutes in time I feel only love in this music 🙂 Love to all you Enigma lovers out there!!

  60. Whenever I hear this song I stop dead in my tracks. It, the music, the sound, immediately transports me to another place. A place I absolutely love and have visited many times in deep mediation. A mediation so pure that my soul actually leaves my body.


  61. P.S. Mihai Creta; you are beautiful with a voice that is out of the world. I ask why your voice and the sounds take me away to the most beautiful place I can never imagine.

  62. that’s perfect,,,,,,,,,,,,, I love enigma

  63. Data Daedalus

    The first time I heard this incredibly moving song, I was driving to work. I completed the journey with tears in my eyes. The song was so poignant, it moved me to tears. It touched my other worldly beliefs, it touched my “alien” soul. It called out to me, broke my heart, like a song from my origins, reminding me of who I really was, and where I was really from.

    As it played over the stereo in the car, inspiring images of the galaxy played through my mind. The really scary bit was a few hours later at work, when I decided to look up the song on YouTube, and saw the unofficial video. And once again, I broke down and cried. Why? Because, the video was exactly what I saw in my minds eye in the car. Not all of us “humans” are really from this world.

  64. very gud song..
    it takes me to another world….

  65. This is the real new energy – not that tired old energy like Buddhism. Feel those groovebeats and breathe in the new world

  66. ty sna gawa kau sci awit!!

  67. Dierbare vriend, gevonden en verloren,
    Maar een groot goed is bewaard gebleven, deze bijzondere song, die mij steeds die hoop en licht brengt op moeilijke, stille en bijzondere momenten, in mijn korte bestaan.

  68. thanks a lot for the lyrics.. 🙂

  69. hey once again, i think its follow the heart in this section.. pls check

    for a better world without hate, “from” your heart believe in fate
    only visions and the mind will guide you to the light.

  70. Enigma is the best . There is no word to tell about enigma its great i love you enigma.

  71. Wow ived never heard Enima nor this song but this song is astonishing hands down, the lyrics are deep someone like me woulnd’nt know the meaning of this song. but i wish i never have to listen to it to relate to it.

  72. the galaxy in the constellation Andromeda will “collide” with our galaxy??? I don’t think so. Galaxies are, from OUR point of view, mostly empty space. Galaxies don’t “collide”. They interleave.

  73. I once had this song playing while I was lovemaking with my wife… (talking about a spiritual, out of this world experience!!) now every time I hear it, it gives me a very special feeling. Love Enigma!!

  74. A song for all those who left this world and for all who will eventualy, A song for us, A song for the ones left behind, A song to remember, A song that brings peace to my mind.

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