Remove My Way Search Assistant

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Ok guys, I’ve searched and searched, and found a full proof way to remove the stubborn MWSA from the A/R list which untill now could not be removed. If this specific method has been explained before, I’m sorry, but I just got it to work for me and thought it would help other people.

Go to: Start
Click on: Run
Copy and Paste: msiexec.exe /x{78d944d7-a97b-4004-ab0a-b5ad06839940}

Hit enter, click yes if it prompts, and boom, your done! That easy, no HJT, or adware removal bs.

Lemme know if this helps anyone at all.

It works! 

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  1. Its gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It’s gone! Thanks so much!

  3. It works !!!! Thank you!

  4. OMG.. You’re my hero! Dead easy to do and it works!! Thank you

  5. You’re a DUDE!!!

  6. I just wanted to thank you for making my night. I can go to sleep now.

  7. SWEET. Thanks

  8. It worked! Thank you

  9. wow that’s freakin awesome!

  10. You are a wonder – kudos!

  11. Wow! It’s the easiest way to remove that nasty Myway Search Asst. Thanks for the wonderful solution.

  12. Thank you! It worked! I have been searching for a way to get rid of this bug forEVER! You solved the problem in minutes. AWESOME!

  13. IT WORKS!!!! *YAYYYY*

  14. AWESOME!! Thank you so much!!

  15. mine didnt work–after i hit enter it said–windows cant find…..whats wrong?

  16. Works! MyWay is no longer listed on add/remove!

  17. Ooops, folder is still in my program files, and tells me I don’t have access rights to delete.

    I’m on admin so I’m not sure what else to do.

  18. It didn’t work. It said, “This action is only valid for products that are currently installed.” MyWay is in my add or remove programs, so it’s installed. I don’t nderstand?! Please advise.

  19. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Seems to have worked!

  20. Worked great, thanks for the info.

  21. You’re the man! I had been looking for hours and trying everything until I found this link! Thanks a million!

  22. You’re awesome! Thanks!

  23. Sweet Jesus it’s gone. Now if I could only get rid of this afterimage…

  24. works great. thanks yippeee!!!

  25. WOW. That is the easiest way to remove My Way Search Assistant. You are the best!

  26. Brilliant – thank you very much!

  27. Dude, you’re totally cool !!!

  28. That was the best response to this problem I have seen. Thanks — do you know how Dell justifies trying to force us to keep this spyware on our computers?

  29. Don’t know if you still check this webiste, but Jade thanks, you are great!!!!

  30. JoanK,

    You’re welcome!

  31. Man…thanks. This has been racking my brains forever. Do you know where this came from?

  32. GillthePainter

    Nice one.

  33. Issuing grand and most appropriate thank yous and expressions of appreciation!

  34. OMG thank you!!!!!!! this worked like a charm finally

  35. It didn’t work at all. Why not

  36. Worked! So long My Way Search Assistant!

  37. thank you sooo much, i was up all night running every single antispyware program i could find but nothing seemed to be working. thank you

  38. Too, too cool. Thx a million, Jade.

  39. Hi – this worked for me also. Thank you Jade!! I still have an error popping up in my alerts that adware-ZangoSA has been blocked and do I want to remove it. I hit block it / remove it and it still keeps coming up. Anyone have any ideas on this??? Unless it was related to the my way search assistant and maybe now it is gone?

  40. I’ve spent hours and hours scanning and removing adware but could never get it totally clean – it finally dawned on me that this “My Way” uninstallable app must be generating the pop-ups! Your solution worked like a charm ; I’m still waiting with fingers crossed that no more pop-ups occur!
    Thanks so Much

  41. It worked! 😀
    Thank you so much, Jade!!!
    You’ve been a great help!

  42. I cannot remove. There is a RUNDLL error every time my computer boot up. There is one module that cannot be found. Can anyone help.

  43. Worked like a charm! You rock!

  44. worked i think!
    good job!
    i’m just not sure what to think because the MWSA program is still on my control panel add/remove programs list. and it won’t delete from that. any suggestions?

  45. Works perfectly !

  46. thank u so much. it was a real pain

  47. WAHOO! It’s finally gone!

  48. Thanks a lot dude! That is great!

  49. Thank you so much!!! I have spent hours trying to get rid of programs like this. Keep up the great work!

  50. Connie Hernandez

    WOW…thanks…it’s gone.

  51. woah, that was so easy I didn’t that think it would actually work. Thanks.

  52. i love you dude

  53. Thats been driving me mad for ages. thank you so much, worked perfectly.

  54. Thank you, thank you, thank you. what a load of crap ‘my way’ is!

  55. thans so much,its gone

  56. Won’t work for me. I get a prompt asking for the installation CD for MyWay assistant. What now?? Help please!

  57. Nope, didn’t work 😦

  58. straight to the point thanks!

  59. Verified. Works.

  60. Thanks so much, this really does work!!

  61. Thanks!! Quick & easy! It’s gone!!!

  62. Still works! Thank you.

  63. awesome

  64. Bravo! Thank 2 years later.

  65. It worked! Thank you so much!!!!!

  66. I’m having trouble. The Message Installer message I get is “This action is only permitted for programs that are currently installed”. But it still shows up in my A/R list. Help?

  67. Oh man, you’re a genius. Thank you so much!

  68. Oh man, you’re a genius. Thank you so much!

    I have aquired this thing several times and always had the Removal tool until recently, but I’ll tell you what your trick did it just like THAT!!!!!

    Thanks again.

  69. Thank you so much! It worked in seconds!

  70. If this solution didn’t work for you, does the removal process just stop? Or does it crash your computer or something? Also, is My web search bar the same as My Way Search Bar? Does this solution work for windows XP or is it confined to only one system?

  71. WOW ! It worked a treat, done in about 5 seconds and can verify that, yes it has gone ! Cheers !

  72. Thanks… worked like lucky charms

  73. Thanks so much for the simple and extremely effective way to get rid of this unwanted invasion on my computer. AWESOME!!!

  74. I have windows XP and its still showing up like its there and the computer is running super slow.It says my way search assistant.So how can I delete this stupid thing.I NEED HELP!

  75. Oh my goodness, I love you. I was about to go nuts trying to remove it.

  76. awesome dude thats just awesome.

  77. Worked like a charm! Thanks for the GREAT tip! 🙂

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