Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren – Light The Skies (Retrobyte’s Classic Electrobounce Mix) Lyrics

You know the song
You know the song that goes like

And if you only knew
Just how much the sun needs you
To help him light the skies
You would be surprised
You would be surprised


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  1. Very nice lyrics!
    A great song, a vocal trance, real good to excellent Dj sets

  2. wow, one of the best trance records EVER made!

  3. I am loving this one. Awesome track. The only negative thing is that it’s repeating all the time. More effects are required

  4. I agree with Fico.Formally it’s a great song.

  5. I wrote the lyrics to my girlfriend πŸ™‚

  6. Haha, ‘whatever,’ you wrote these to your gf? LOL I AM supprised!


  7. It should be “…help him light the skies…”
    not “…help him tight the skies…”

  8. it is just unbelievle great vocal trance song

  9. GREAT TRACK!!!, I can

  10. Thanks for posting the lyrics, was looking for the name of the track.

  11. it can be found on “Armin van Buuren – A state of Trance 2007” πŸ˜‰

    I bought this album lately, only because I heard this song! : D

  12. MAJOR AWESOME… what a lovely song, simply but very good…! This is music!

  13. I found this site via google.

    Because when I heard THIS SONG on the RADIO…
    I WAS ADDICTED. So I thank you very very much.

    Now I can download it πŸ™‚


  14. thank y for this

  15. haha πŸ˜€ finally I know the name of this song πŸ˜›


  16. excelent song XD, i bought a state of trance 07, very nice tracks!

  17. you’re a life saverrr : )

  18. this song is amazinG! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  20. Wonderful song , I got mad when i heard it

  21. i lOVE that SONg!:D

  22. Tap tap taaap tap tap :P,nice song [Yearmix Intro]

  23. I love that song its greattttt Β·(And if you only knew just how much the sun needs you)Β· woo jajja

  24. I really like this song. It’s the first number of “Trance, the ultimate collection”

    Nice vocals πŸ™‚

  25. Never heard a song like that … it should be number one trance song for 2007 πŸ˜€

  26. if u can download Armin van Buuren presents – A State of Trance Episode 331 (Top 20 of 2007)

    It’s the best trance music of 2007

  27. Stas from Russia

    I like this song. We have one electro-radio-station in our city…This song is on it tracklist…..

  28. awesomeness allover!

  29. Doris from NICARAGUA

    This song is very nice……I love trance music….I love this song……

  30. hubert from poland

    first time this song was played on 288 a state of trance, by the way amazing song!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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