Robbie Russell – Here With You

This track is obviously one written from the heart by Robbie Russell. Similar to some of the tracks written and sung by Kristine W after her recovery from Lymphoma, this track is very moving and uplifting since it is based on his own personal experiences. Perhaps it has special meaning to me after being a caregiver to my best friend and partner several years back. Robbie’s vocal is beautiful, and there is a nice variety of mixes on this release. Scotty K’s is very danceable, while Josh Harris turns out 2 totally different style mixes. I also really like Dave Hansen’s Morning Dub for a more chilled out sound.

For Retrobyte’s fans, you should check out these two remixes – actually they are the same but with/without male vocals. Chris brought us another great progressive remix. I’ve never had enough of his works, and that’s why I spent money on iTunes. Recommended!

Retrobyte Vocal Mix (8:18)

Retrobyte Dubstrumental Mix (8:18)

The full set of remixes is now available on iTunes around the world!!!! Physical CDs are also available at Perfect Beat


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