Trentemøller Feat. Ane Trolle – Moan (Vocal Remix) Lyrics

I’ve been thinking too much about you
See the sunset with no sleep at all
Constantly thinking about you
And I can’t get through this at all

I’ve been thinking too much about you
I’ve been staring at the floor
I’ve listened to all the tunes I love
but made me feel quite blue

I’ve been thinking too much about you
See the sunrise still no sleep at all
Constantly thinking about you
And my eyelids won’t close at all

Amazing video for Trentemøller: Moan, directed by Niels Gråbøl and Ulrik Crone. In memory of Laika (✝1957), the first living creature in space. Original version of Moan appears on the Trentemøller album “The Last Resort”.

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  1. great song grat video grat artist 😀

  2. Hehe yeah sure is

  3. aw… it’s so beautiful… :’)
    it made me cry…
    I have a dog like that……

  4. It sure is a beautiful video (:

    Great job!

  5. perfect

  6. aww i love this song so much makes me think of my boy and i get a little teary x

  7. lovely clip

  8. ha?? the video is not about the song. doctors dancing? i dont know… i not like this video… nice for laika… but… i dont know…

  9. Soooo good….I love it….

  10. love it , so much better than those self centered egoistic rap videos.

  11. amaizing song!! it’s like… the 15th time in a row when i listen to it

  12. Great artist, great song!

  13. I love this song. It makes me wanna party and it makes me wanna cry.

  14. did anyone else hear a song with a little girl singing on it before you could play Moan? If so, PLEASE tell me who it is and the name of the song. thanks!

  15. Super track!!! And the best thing is, tha he his danish 🙂

    FYI: The singer on this track is Ane Trolle, who also appears in a Dansih group called Jaconfetti…

  16. love this song 😛 ❤

  17. wow. i totally just cried.. the song is amazing.. rip laika

  18. hypnotic! awesome. makes me wanna go to Warung Beach Club party all night (and some of the morning and go straight to Brava beach! LOL)

  19. great and stylish – lone creature sent by ‘next-door’ pocket-head aliens into cold space.

    RIP Laika!

  20. The video made me cry.

  21. Thanks for the lyrics, it’s a great song and vid

  22. what a niiiiiiiiiiice song

    really nice

    do u have the link of it ?!?
    because I want it very much

    my thanx 4 UR grat taste


  23. i love it. i can’t believe it’s so goooood… yeeeeee

  24. jfc………………………………………………… happens to be that I’m madly in love at this very moment..for a month now……he has no idea……..will he ever know..? GUYS shall I tell him? ://
    Anyway, she’s saying my exact thoughts. How can she know what I am thinking…:-//?? :0

  25. i love this song is just perfect…have anyone the partiture of this song???…i wanted like crazy…PLEASEEEE….

  26. it great .

  27. perfect song 🙂 perfect..♥

  28. Perfect song, the video: I don´t like it.

  29. Perfect song, i wish i was able to find it. The versons that are linked off that album is not this exact track.
    Does anyone have this exact track?

  30. I think ..I cry .. I love it .. I scared

    vid is awesome

  31. Uhm.. Could anybody find out the chords for this song? I’d really appreciate it.
    Love the song.

  32. Oh wow so that’s where the lyrics in the track “Alex Kidd vs. Kidd Kaos – Kiddstock Theme 2009 (Gridbreaker Remix)” came from!

    I think somehow the remix is better than the original though 🙂
    Check it out in my latest podcast –

  33. Laika was not the first living creature in space, she wasn’t even the first dog in a space, but she is most famous due to many reasons. However, thanks for the lyrics, this song is sooo beatiful !

  34. just love this song!

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