HOLY SHIT! dramatic.gif

Btw, a friend of mine sent me this one yesterday, but I only opened now my emails!
Oh, and the title of the email was BEHOLD..SHE’S COMING NEXT MONTH! dramatic.gif


January 24, 2009 
Icon Q&A With Guy Oseary 
Iconers! 2009 has just begun and we just can’t wait to unveal what Madonna has in store for you all this year! In the meantime, we’re happy to introduce a brand new feature, which allows you to ask Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary, questions on a quarterly basis. 

Want your Madonna related question answered? E-mail it to before February 3rd using “Ask Guy” as your e-mail’s subject line. Also, make sure to include your full name, Icon username and country. One question per member and per session please. The 10 most asked questions will be answered by Guy Oseary and published in the ‘News’ section of the site. 

Come on, don’t be shy, just ask Guy! 

NB: Before you e-mail your question, please note that Guy has already provided us with an answer regarding a possible release of the Re-Invention Tour on DVD: “There is not current plan for the Re-Invention Tour DVD. As you know it was shot and it will come out someday, but nothing is planned for it as of now.” 



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  1. I take it this is an April fools joke!

    Great artwork though.

  2. hey, i want one, what i can do? how much.. thanks

  3. i want one of this much? what i can do? thanks

  4. Is this for real. She should have released this tour, on dvd. Im going to tell you a secret, spoiled the whole experience of the, reinvention tour. I would say that this is a home made dvd!!!!!!!! The opening of the reinvention tour, was her best ever!! Now it would be great to have that in full, on dvd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. no creo que sea de verdad por favor ya conformense com im going to tell you a secret( lo que no es tener uno de estos re inventions) yo tengo uno de los miles que se an hecho por muchos desus fansy la verdad si no lo saca en dvd los otros fans se perdieron de mucho

  6. The artwork is too good not to be a fake…

  7. Hey what’s the quality of this DVD? I have a professional taping of the tour, but the video quality is not so good. this artwork is stunning.
    Please contact me at
    THANKS! Steve

  8. Is this the real pending release?

  9. andreas pliatsikas

    I wanna buy this dvd, even if it’s not an original Warner Bros, it looks so professionally done!!!
    Please please please let me know, I live in New York City if it’s no problem for shipping…

    Thanks so much,
    Andreas Pliatsikas 😉

  10. OH MY GOD!

    I just had multiple ORGASM just looking at the package.

    Release it now, Guy.

  11. I want this DVD

  12. Good evening, Happy Fool’s Day!!

    “But why,” demanded the puzzled judge of the burglar standing before, “did you break into the same store three nights running?”
    “Well, Judge, it’s like this,” was the reply. “I picked out a dress for my wife and I had to change it twice.”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

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