“Miles Away” Chart Thread – #2 Japanese iTunes!, The official second single in Japan!

The TV soap opera drama “Change” premiered in Japan today and this is the massive effect!

Miles Away is now at #2 on i-Tunes Japan behind Utada Hikaru’s Prisoner Of Love which has already sold 1.5 million downloads alone there. Stupidly enough ORICON still doesn’t count downloads in their official chart so Miles Away‘s massive success will never be reflected on there. s506.gif

English songs NEVER usually make the top 3 on Japanese i-Tunes. The last I heard of this happening was with Janet’s Feedback and Backstreet Boys Inconsable making top 3 on i-Tunes there.

Other huge effect Change has done on i-Tunes:

#2 Miles Away
#11 4 Minutes
#57 Hung Up


Miles Away will probably sell over 2 million downloads in Japan when all is said & done with the album selling over a million there alone. The TV tie-in was the best decision Warners ever made with Hard Candy!

Miles Away is also charting in the Tokyo Hot 100! At #47 this week.
Can’t wait to read about HC’s second week sales in Japan!


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  1. any news on when this single is going to be realeased in Europe and USA????

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