Ritchie and Madonna enjoy four seconds of sex

Guy Ritchie says the best sex lasts four seconds.

The movie director – who is married to pop superstar Madonna – admits his favourite way to make love is a quick romp.

Speaking about the sex scene between Gerard Butler and Thandie Newton in his new movie ‘RocknRolla’, Guy said: “It’s over in four seconds. Best type of sex that.”

Guy, 40, also confessed he has always been bemused by the opposite sex.

When asked why his films never feature many women, he replied to British radio station Key 103: “That’s because I don’t understand women.”

In contrast to his wife’s extravagant 50th birthday party last month, Guy hosted a low-key celebration at his London pub The Punchbowl last week to celebrate his own milestone age.

Explaining why he shunned a huge celebrity bash, the director insisted it wasn’t in his nature.
He said: “I’m not extravagant. I spent all of around £600.”

Guy and Madonna have been married for eight years. They raise three children together, Madonna’s daughter Lourdes, 11, their son Rocco, eight, and adopted son David, two.


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