Britney to tie/eclipse Madonna, UK number 1s this decade

Madonna is the solo female act with the most number 1s this decade (5) but I suspect Britney may well tie with her when her new single comes out and perhaps even eclipse her if she has a second number 1 from the new album. 

The Sugababes are the female act with the most number 1s in the 00s (6) – not sure if their new one will hit the top, I heard it at the gym last night and it sounded great but I’m not sure if it’s number 1 material – what’s the vibe on it?

I doubt Madonna will have another chart topper in 2009 so it will be interesting to see if she can maintain her lead, or at least tie, with Brit.


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  1. The only reason Madonna and Barbara isnt the best- selling female artist in the world is because most countries didn’t track record sales (singles, records and dvds) for the first 10 years before her career (before Nielsen/Soundscan Music)

    Madonna is the best-selling female in the UK of all time with 13th Number One single. Overall, she has 13th Number One singles in the United World Chart.

    CDs, LPs,vinyls and cassettes cost more than digitals during that era since her arrival in 1982.

    World Music Awards gave the title to Mariah Carey because it recognized sales only in after the 90s period…

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