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  1. Hi,

    Your blog is very informative for DNN. Can you please guide how to customizing the forgot password page? You have mentioned that you would write abt it, can you provide the relevant links?


  2. Thanks for the note. I followed it and it works, however it won’t allow you to logout. Plus, the login prompt doesn’t change the the profile. The login prompt still appears on the page. Any solution to this?

  3. Thank you for this useful article.

  4. Hi there

    I have created a new skin for an existing DNN website, went through all the tedious and complicated work of creating and getting it to look like it did after I spliced it. (had to manually edit the acsx files to get it to work in IE7!)

    I successfully uploaded it and applied it, however, now I cannot edit any of my pages? Also, if I try to add new modules, it just refreshes the page and I get nowhere. Any ideas?

    I am used to a lot more mature and sophisticated Content Management Systems that allow you to create your own Login Pages, Forgot Password pages, Menus, News panels… DNN is for dummys, I don’t recommend using it for a serious website…

  5. if i removed the account login container from the home page how am i supposed to log back in now?

  6. HI

    I am new to dotnetnuke, I have couple of doubts. Can you please explain?

    1. Can I create new page and add database stuff in that page with out modules like regular ?

    Thanks in advance

  7. If you deleted the login module, and need to login, do this:
    append ?ctl=login to your url

  8. Thank you. But how to Add the User Account module to one page?

  9. Hii nice article thanku…
    But i want to display a login page as soon as my portal is loaded[Start up Page for my portal].
    Can you please help !!

  10. Tushar Bharambe

    Hii nice article thanku…
    But i want to display a email on login page
    Can you please help !!

  11. hahahah .. funny how the website that tells people what to do on DNN is using wordpress with PHP .. ahahahahah

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