The Sticky and Sweet Tour at MSG Oct 6 – Fun Fact

MADISON SQUARE GARDEN NY/NY!!!!!!!!! oct 6 !!!!!!!!!!, finally!!!!

Is there opening act at MSG? what time does she come on?

  • Every time I’ve seen her at MSG the tix say 8 and she comes out at 9.
  • She started about 9:15 in NJ.
  • No opening act for all of the US dates & she is usually 1 hour late.
  • She always starts at least 1/2 hour to an hour late on her tours. Sometimes longer than an hour. Even at Cardiff she started it late despite that it was going to result in her getting fined about $250,000. Though for her $250K is the equivalent to just a $20 bill to us mere mortals. 
  • If you get to MSG at 8 like 30% of the audience is seated… there’s no way she could come out at 8.

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