NEW YORK CITY – October 6 – FAN Review

Yeah, to no surprise she really fucking nailed it tonight!! AWESOME! She was in good spirits, the crowd was wonderful, no “glitches” that I noticed anyways. NYC did her good! More Palin talk, she did Lucky Star in the “request” section, at one point she said to a group of people who weren’t standing “this isn’t a fucking Barbra Streisand concert. GET UP!” (maybe not verbatim but pretty close) and I heard her pick out somebody in the very front and give them a hard time because it didn’t look like they were having fun she said……..I LOVE how she calls out lame fuckers during her shows. Who else can do this?? lol

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I’m on my little “Madonna high” right now so I know any thorough review would be pretty biased at this point probably…lol. All I can say really is that this isn’t a show like DWT or even CT, that is deep or theatrical to the point where you feel like you are attending a Broadway production as opposed to a concert at points…..and by the way that is not a dis at all to her previous shows or this one! It’s been said again and again but this tour is simply about FUN! She’s so playful during this show, it’s so high energy and while some aspects of the stage and the theatrics of it all are visually stunning I never once felt like I wasn’t at a concert. If I had to compare this to previous tours I think she has some of her playfulness and spunk from VT rolled up with a little of the “rock and roll” show type feeing of the WTG tour and of course the screens and stage designs etc are very reminiscent of her tours of this decade. She’s simply having a good time and in turn the audience did and isn’t that what a concert is about??

I missed most of GI2M as there was some slight drama with my boyfriend (who may’ve had just a little too much to drink….oops!) and a security guard. So he asked my boyfriend to leave, so of course I did too. I will be there tomorrow too though, so hopefully I can catch it all the way through this time! lol


Into The Groove
She’s Not Me
Spanish Lesson—- BELIEVE IT OR NOT! 
Miles Away

HELL……fuck trying to list it. The whole damn show was awesome. I’ll just leave it at that for tonight before I ramble on any longer! happy.gif Those of you who have doubts about going, get rid of them and buy a fucking ticket and GO!! You won’t regret it.


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