NEW YORK CITY – October 7 – FAN Reports, I LOVE NEW YORK!

WOW.. it was incredible you guys!!! fucking amazing! easily one of the best madonna performances i’ve ever seen. the mr. agreed. last night was amazing, no doubt, but there was something special about tonight. madonna was indeed on fire.. giving her very best and even more loosened up than last night. i got plenty of eye contact w/ her and i know a lot of the other fans did too – she was touching people’s hands and singing to them left and right, pointing to them, talking to them – the fans tonight were having such a great time! even the old people were into it! the crowd around me was having the time of their life and so it was super easy to just go crazy along with them. we were all jumping and dancing and going bat shit crazy!!

i think last night because i was so close and because i was taking it all in for the first time, it was maybe harder for me to appreciate the sheer volume of this show – the incredible dance moves, the amazing set pieces, the wonderful songs. she has once again breathed new life into her classics and made me appreciate the new ones even more. I’m not sure where to measure this in comparison to the other tours.. and maybe i don’t want to.. because it, like the others, deserves its own special place.. i don’t think i’ve ever felt such a need to be THERE live and in-person for a madonna show.. you need the energy of the live performance, you need to BE THERE to completely appreciate it because it is probably her most high octane performance ever. 

I don’t think I’ve jumped so much in my life! CANDY SHOP sounded great, BEAT GOES ON was fucking HUGE and had the crowd going nuts, especially with the car coming in…and people loved HUMAN NATURE and sung along even more than they did last night. you could hear her vocals a little better and the message really rang loud and true with her delivery – you could tell she was really feeling it and having fun.. and of course the “ITS BRITNEY BITCH” line had the audience roaring. it was really funny. one of the best Vogue’s ever! it’s just that the beat is HUGE and mixing it w/ a 4 minutes tonic makes it more meaty and less campy. the dancing was fucking awesome… it just goes to show she can do anything with any song and some how it works.. it was such a powerful performance and one of the examples of how i think this show has possibly her best dancers yet. they are all, of course, beautiful..i particularly have a crush on that white bald boy.. mmm. he’s just delicious!!! this was one of my fave performances of the night. mostly because it’s so oddball of a choice to mix those two songs but it totally works.

people were much more into the DIE ANOTHER DAY interlude than last night.. everyone was singing and dancing along.. and a lot of people had a hard time paying attention to the boxer/dancers because the images of the video are so damn arresting… i know i was glued to the screen. it’s one of her best video montages.. i mean how can a woman look so damn tough and sexy after all these years! the muscles, the boobs, the hair, the makeup.. she’s a killer in it for sure, but also so goddamned hot.. i think it’s some of the sexiest work she’s ever done. it’s w/ klein, right? those two make amazing work- but this takes the cake. it should have been it’s own video for one of the Hard Candy songs, it’s so good.. and the new remix. I LOVE IT!! can’t wait to get the dvd so i can rip it to mp3!

oh INTO THE GROOVE.. so energetic and fun and colorful and i love the keith harring artwork and this is where most of all (though it shows through out the show) that madonna is at her GIRLIEST ever in any tour. did anyone else notice that? i mean she is huge and tough in some parts but this in particular showed such a cute, fun, feminine side of her.. it’s like she transformed into that early 80s street rat again.. the dancing was top form and all the individual dancers really got to show off their youthful spirit – but it was madonna that seemed the most youthful. with this and MUSIC and also SHE’S NOT ME, she squeaks and hiccups and giggles and googly eyes her way through the songs like a green newcomer fresh off the VIRGIN TOUR. i can’t be the only one who gets that feel from this tour. she’s let go a bit.. she’s having fun and she shows it.. she’s realized that the best way to connect w/ the audience is to show that feminine side of her, that dorky side we don’t often get to see.. and there’s plenty of that!

oh, a little aside… i was able to enjoy INTO THE GROOVE much much more tonight because last night (10/6) i was one of the people in the audience she handed the mic to (if you want to hear me and some queens singing off key for a little while, look for it on youtube). she came up to me and the queens in front of me (we were all at the catwalk) and went WAH WAH WAH WAH (she was talking but i had NO IDEA what she was saying…but since it was madonna i just nodded and said “YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”) and then her dancer shoved a mic in our face. by the time i realized we were supposed to be singing the song (it was seconds but seemed like minutes) i think i managed a few totally off-key lines in my frozen terror and then the dancer was off with the mic (thank god). it was humiliating and WONDERFUL. we were AWFUL but also hillarious. i nearly died!!! the mr. was pointing at me for the dancer to see going “PICK HIM! PICK HIM!” all the while pushing me up to the mic and saying to me “SING! SING!” i sang alright.. i sang a song that was WAY out of my ranger and probably sounded like nails on a chalkboard! but it was still fun!

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so yeah, anyway, tonight was MUCH better because i was far away from the mic and got to listen to other people warble the song off key (better than i). INTO THE GROOVE is one of my fave moments of tonight!!

oh HEARTBEAT. that rhythmic siezure dancing she does at the beginning before she “comes alive” is wonderful as is the dancing on the catwalk later. it’s probably my fave HC song so it was a real treat to be suprised w/ that. and omg SHE’S NOT ME.. probably my favorite performance of the show.. the song sounds top notch and the girly dancing at the beginning is stellar but once the madonna effigies show up and she’s tearing them down only to put them back together on herself and crawl towards the stage.. only madonna can go from light and airy girlie virgin tour-y to Norma Desmond from Sunset Blvd.-esque meltdown mode.. and she was even more

did i forget BORDERLINE? i can’t remember where it fits in the set but all i can say is WOW. she’s not me and borderline and heartbeat.. that’s probably my favorite stretch of the show. and borderline was even better tonight! she just let loose and rocked the shit out of it. maybe it was just the newness of playing this material in a new venue had worn off.. because she was comfortable and enjoying herself. even better than HU, Borderline rock version just blew my mind.. she loves it and the way she sings it is again so girly and sweet…not at all like the militaristic Material Girl or the I love NY from CT. she’s bouncy and sweet and loving it and it sounds GREAT in rock format. i can almost see it originally being that way.. the crunchy chords work beautifully with the bubblegummy lyrics.. it’s so damn catchy this way!!! if it was made originally in today’s day and age, i bet it would sound a lot like this! madonna was in full breakfast club mode every time she strapped on the guitar this tour.. she’s reaching back.. it’s not the madonna of today who re-learned guitar.. it’s the old school young madonna who had just learned those chords and was getting her first taste of stardom.. at least that’s how i felt about it!

i love that she referenced HERE COMES THE RAIN AGAIN (i knew she digged Annie but it was a very cool and rare nod to one of her contemporaries) and i was sad that we didn’t get a full RAIN performance (how amazing would that have been?) but my disappointment from NY night one and no RAIN was completely gone by the time i saw DEVIL the 2nd night. even better than it is on record. just BETTER, and the imagery and the hooded costume and the rain and the piano.. it just works. it’s grand but intimate, just like i’m sure she envisioned. DEVIL into SPANISH LESSON is one of the weirder segues in the show but that aside, the performance of SPANISH LESSON made me see the song in a whole new light. like before, she was playful and silly but it had a dark edge to it and with the screens going and the hooded men and dancing, and the huge sound of the song live, i couldn’t help but think “could spanish lesson have been a single?” i know, it’s a ridiculous thought, but it sounded SO GOOD. now when i hear the song on the record (i never disliked it but was a bit indifferent), i’ll have a whole new appreciation for it.

MILES AWAY was of course great and sounded like the Roseland show.. not a standout but it was beautiful and meaningful for me and the mr. in that sweet romantic way.. she sang it great both nights. LA ISLA with the gypsies was even better sounding than the live earth version, mostly i think because MADONNA was really going off in her singing this time, letting herself really climb notes instead of staying in her comfort zone.. it sounded even more fun this time around and man, i jumped the shit out of this one.. i was definitely feeling the burn! but it’s such an infectuous song and i’m glad i got the opportunity to see the lela version live because it adds a whole new dimension of awesomenesss. speaking of awesomeness.. that gypsy band.. they were SOOOO cute! i loved that these old guys are just jammin’ along with huge smiles on their faces to a madonna song, and then later when she just sits and watches them perform.. thats pretty brassy of her – usually such a performance would be relegated to an interlude, but she decides “nah, i’m just going to sit here and enjoy a show within a show”.. she’s got balls, that one.

and then YOU MUST LOVE ME. me and the mr.’s song. O M F G. the first night it was so shocking that we spent most of the song mouth agape and unable to take in how totally perfect this version was… but tonight we were able to soak it all in, embraced and totally loving her and each other.. it’s such a wonderful song and she sings it so soulfully.. i never thought i’d hear OUR song live.. but it’s just killer. and tonight she really tried for a few unexpected high notes that she didn’t the night before. hey, good for her.. she didn’t hit them all but the feeling was there. man.. my favorite part of the show. such a great song.. such a great moment. such beautiful instrumentation.. i saw a number of people with tears in their eyes after this performance tonight. i didn’t see that last night but maybe i was too shocked to notice.

the GET STUPID interlude. i’m running out of positive adjectives. in a word: UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLYAWESOME. crowd ate it up. huge cheers for Obama. Barack my heart!!

4 MINUTES sounded even bigger than on the record and was one of the funnest songs to dance to, though the performance isn’t a huge difference from the night before or the Roseland show. just a solid perf of a solid sounding song and i’m really hoping that justin shows up this weekend because that added dimension would make it MUCH better. the sliding screens are fun but it still kinda looks like she’s covering up for his absence. though she does a GREAT job at it! damn she humps those justin screens like there is no tomorrow!!! 

PRAYER. even better tonight. again, could just be because the first time i was so shocked and amazed at how fucking beautiful and perfect it sounded. this is the version of like a prayer that i’ve been hoping for since i first started going to madonna concerts… the sacred (lyrics) and the profane (rhythm).. that huge driving dance beat and those moving lyrics and the sample of “feels like home” – it’s so fucking emotional!!! it just killed me this time.. her singing was SOOOO huge and heartfelt…she matched the huge rhythm beat for beat. how is that possible??? it’s just EPIC. that’s the best way of describing it. one of the best perfs of the night and one of the best takes on a classic M song ever. I am HUMBLED by this version of LAP. it’s gorgeous and spiritual (but not in an overly kaballahtastic way) and again, cant wait to rip it to MP3!

RAY OF LIGHT… jump your ass off time!!! again, awesome performance that i think i prefer in intensity to the CT version… musically they are very similar but she moves around more, seems to be having a better time..spends less time getting people to jump..maybe because people are REALLY JUMPING through it like crazy..even more than last night (again, crowd was great, especially the people i saw on the floor). she’s become comfortable with this perf and so goes through it loosely (loveloveLoved it on CT but she was a bit stiff she’s playing around with the audience). 

i asked for Open Your Heart during the show’s request part, but before the show i told the mr. i was going to say I LOVE NEW YORK. i should have stuck w/ my original choice! she ended up doing ILNY and i was so happy! to be there in NY, having such a great time with my fella…i was in LOVE with new york and you could tell w/ madonna that the feeling was mutual. she was home and you could feel it sweating from every one of her pores. the crowd of course loved every minute of ILNY and sang loudly along – i was excited that i wasnt the only one that sang “and you can such george bush’s dick!” and then it was an added bonus when she replied to us “Yeah! You can suck my dick!” haha classic and of course the SARAH PALIN CAN GET OFF MY STREET! OR IM GOING TO KICK HER FUCKIN ASS! of course afterwards she half-heartedly back pedaled and said “i love her soul” or something.. but you knew she wanted that bitch 86’ed and we loved her all the more for it! 

During HUNG UP (which i love more and more every time i hear this new WHite Stripey version!!) before she did the breakdown where she runs her pick along the strings of her guitar, she said something like “this is the sound of sarah palin’s husband running his snowplow” or something much funnier than i can remember and then you see her and the dancers lethargically dancing and moving along… it was a perfect example of the kind of progress a pinhead like Palin will bring to this world if (god forbid) she is elected. the crowd loved it –i guess i shouldn’t be suprised that there were so many anti-Palin people! anyway, HUNG UP rocked, almost as much as BORDERLINE (maybe more? i don’t know) and tonight i felt like the choppy quick cut guitars were even meatier. i loved the stop and start feel of it, especially in the 2nd verse.. it added great drama to it. i never envisioned this one as a rock song but somehow it works for me. not as much as borderline, but it is still awesome!!!

the visuals for GIVE IT TO ME are fanfuckingtastic! those laser lights, the 3d type imagery! ooooohhhh!! it’s just a feast for the eyes… people really dug GIVE IT TO ME tonight and i saw pretty much everyone, even the old folk, singing along at LEAST to the “give it to me” lines. i was of course jumping my ass off, refusing to stop on the off chance that madonna (or monte, who i was making googly eyes back and forth with throughout the show) see me stop and think me a lesser fan (LOL, i know, the craziness of being in the moment..forgive me)… but even still, i was watching madonna in amazement as she’s doing these incredible dance moves (pretty much every song, even many of the guitar songs like HUNG UP, had great dance moves) and doesn’t appear remotely tired while i feel like i am going to collapse! tonight she just seemed to be bouncing along like “Ho hum, i’m just ruling the world.. don’t mind me!” and partying her ass off like a 20 year old. she didn’t miss a beat. there may have been a few flubbed lines through the show but it was only because things were moving so fast you (and she) didn’t even have time to think let alone trouble yourself with silly details like lyrics.. you just giggled and moved on. that was the mood of the whole show. it was a huge, fun, aerobic “blink and you’ll miss it” youthful street party and everyone was invited.. and if there was a spilled drink or broken vase, you just giggled and moved on. 

I LOVED IT! sorry for the rant.. there’s so much on my mind about it and i had to at least get SOME of it down on “paper”. tonight was magical and i can only hope the other shows are equally magical!!!


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