Madonna and Guy Ritchie ‘about to confirm divorce’…icle4945979.ece

Madonna and Guy Ritchie ‘about to confirm divorce’
(Ian West/PA Wire)
Madonna turned up to support Guy Ritchie at last month’s premiere of his latest film
Chris Smyth 
Madonna and Guy Ritchie are planning to divorce, it was reported late last night. 

The Sun newspaper claimed that the couple were preparing to announce the split because “they can’t bear to live with the pretence any longer”. 

A spokeswoman for Madonna declined to comment but the paper claimed that a statement would be made public imminently. A “highly-placed” but unnamed source quoted by the paper said that the pair “can now barely bring themselves to say two words to each other”. 

The source added: “Despite huge attempts to patch things up they both knew deep down that divorce was on the cards. It wasn’t a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’.” It was also claimed that the couple had not spoken face to face for three weeks. 

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Rumours of marital difficulties have dogged the singer and her film director husband for about a year. In July the wife of baseball’s highest paid star, Alex Rodriguez, filed for divorce, blaming Madonna for the collapse of the marriage. Madonna, 50, denied any ro- mantic involvement with Rodriguez. 

Madonna and Ritchie have previously strongly denied reports that they were to split and said that there were “no plans” to divorce. Last month they presented a united front at the premiere in London of Mr Ritchie’s film RocknRolla and Mr Ritchie’s 40th birthday party. The couple have children, Rocco, 8, and David Banda, who was adapted as a baby from Malawi, 2. Madonna has a daughter, Lourdes, 12, from her relationship with the dancer Carlos Leon. They married in 2000…s-marriage.html

Madonna and Guy Ritchie ‘set to divorce’ after eight years of marriageBy Richard Simpson and Sophie Borland
Last updated at 2:12 AM on 15th October 2008
Comments (0) Add to My Stories Madonna and Guy Ritchie are to divorce, friends claimed last night.
Following months of speculation, the couple are to end their eight-year long marriage as they can no longer bear to keep up the “pretence” any longer.
A statement on their marriage is expected imminently.

Strained: Madonna and Guy Ritichie appeared awkward as they posed on the red carpet together at the London premiere of his film Rock N Rolla last month
One of the main triggers for the separation is Madonna’s determination to adopt a second child from Africa.
Ritchie fiercely opposes this decision as the marriage was placed under severe strain two years ago when they adopted toddler David Banda from Malawi.
It has been suggested that they have had a string of rows in recent months and over the last three weeks it has become so bad that they have only been communicating through their personal assistants.
The 50-year-old pop star is thought to have wanted to postpone the separation until the New Year but her husband decided that they should separate immediately.
Guy Ritchie is expected to move out of their home in Marylebone, London, which Madonna owns, and into Ashcombe House, Wiltshire which is his property.
It is not clear where their son, Rocco, seven, Lourdes, 11, and adopted son, David, two will live.
The couple would have been due to celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary this Christmas.
Marriage: The couple pictured with their son Rocco in December 2000 following the baby’s christening, the night before their wedding at Skibo Castle in Scotland.
Family ties: Madonna with her daughter Lourdes and adopted son David
A close friend of the couple said last night: “They have both been fighting and the marriage has been on the rocks for weeks.
“Guy has been the one who has come to the conclusion that enough is enough.
“They had planned to make it work in the New Year after the end of Madonna’s world tour but it quickly became clear that the relationship was not worth saving.
“Guy has been saying that they both have separate lives at the moment. Madonna spends too much time in the gym and she is obsessed with trying to look years younger than her real age.
The source added: “Guy feels that Madonna does not focus on him any more. ”
Last month Madonna left her husband’s 40th birthday party after just one hour and went home with their three children.
Her husband meanwhile carried on the celebrations Punch Bowl pub in Mayfair, until the early hours.
In July it was reported that the couple had drawn up a five-point plan as a last-ditch effort to save their marriage.
Ritchie flew to New York after reports that he and Madonna had consulted divorce lawyers.
Rocky relationship: Guy looked miserable at the Cannes Film Festival in May as he escorted his wife on the red carpet
Meanwhile rumours of marriage problems grew after it was suggested she was romantically linked to New York Yankees baseball player Alex Rodriguez – which was at the time was strongly denied by the singer.
As part of the plans they pledged to reduce their work schedules and agreed not to be apart for more than a week at a time.
Second, they agreed the children would be educated in Britain, where the family is based.
Madonna also pledged to cut her gym work-out time from four to three hours a day while Ritchie will be obliged to attend professional showbusiness events only once every two months. 

They put on a show of unity as they stepped out in front of the cameras in New York and issued statements through their publicists denying any rumours that they were about to split.
Madonna and Guy met in 1999, at a dinnner party hosted by Sting and his wife Trudie Styler.
Of their meeting, Madonna said: ‘You know when people say “he turned my head?” My head didn’t just turn – my head spun around on my body.’

The couple married in Skibo Castle in Scotland in December 2000 – four months after the singer gave birth to their son Rocco.
Madonna is also mother to Lourdes, who turned 12 yesterday, from a previous relationship to fitness trainer Carlos Leon.

It was the first marriage for Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels director, but the second for Madonna, who had a famously tempestuous marriage with actor Sean Penn in the Eighties.

Would they just do it already because this is the longest divorce in history.


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  1. it’s not too surprising that Madonna and Guy Ritchie got divorced… she seemed to be out of his league from an entertainment standpoint

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