BOSTON – October 15th – Fan Reports – American Life!!!

Just back from the show! It was a lot of fun!

Madonna looked amazing of course and appeared to be in very good spirits. She didn’t yell or swear at the audience at all. This was a surprise though as the audience was pretty DEAD. While everyone was standing pretty much the entire show which was good they really weren’t getting into it or dancing very much. Even the area around the catwalk didn’t go wild unless she was nearby. Audience seemed to respond best to “4 Minutes”, “Like A Prayer”, “Devil”, “Miles Away” and “You Must Love Me”. Honestly, I think if M had done a show full of ballads the audience would’ve gone crazy. I think they liked it when she was more intimate.

Her voice sounded good (so good on the first couple songs that I thought she might be miming) throughout with the weakest songs being the entire end section except for “Like A Prayer”. Honestly though, her weakest vocals here were still better than her weak vocal moments in “The Confessions Tour”. My friend thought she sounded screechy a lot but she sounded fine to me.

I think the only thing she missed was during “Borderline” when she reversed the lyrics in one section. Everything else was pretty much perfect, the jump roping etc.

As mentioned already the request song was indeed “American Life”. I was shocked. There were a whole group of people towards the front near the catwalk who had “American Life” signs and she mentioned the signs and it seemed to be the reason she sang the song. That and also she was going for a bit of a political message. Right before the sing-along she asked the audience if we had registered to vote yet and to make sure we do so, and she said to vote for Obama. She didn’t slam Palin at all that I heard. All she said was (paraphrasing) “I was told not to talk about Sarah Palin in my show. So I’m not going to talk about her.” 

I think AL was a poor choice and these dumb fans with the signs need to stop requesting obscure songs of hers. I mean most of the audience didn’t even know the lyrics. Everyone around me was just standing there looking perplexed. Thankfully there appeared to be enough of us die-hards in the audience who sang the lyrics back that it was enough for her.

As for my seats, they were great! Well, sort of. I was in Section F Row 1 Seats 13-14. For people who are curious Sections A and C go back 25 rows on either side of the catwalk stage. The last row next to the catwalk is 18 (so JR you will be RIGHT next to the catwalk stage). Rows 19-25 are parallel to section E rows 1-7 which are directly in front of the catwalk. Behind E row 7 and A/C row 25 is an aisle, then sections D and F begin and E continues. So I was about 7 rows plus an aisle away from the catwalk. Views were wonderful. Oh, and the arena was PACKED. I only saw scattered seats empty throughout all levels up to the nosebleeds. And the show started around 9:20.

We were on a corner aisle so lots of room to dance EXCEPT for the fucking assholes who kept trying to congregate in the aisles. They would sneak up from other rows further back trying to stand and dance in front of our row and next to us completely blocking the aisles. At first security was being very lax about it. They were more concerned about shooing people away from the area near the catwalk. One bitch kept sidling up to me and slamming into me as she stood in the aisle. After it happened about three times I shot her a nasty look. She says to me “Why don’t you try having fun?”. Um, I was bitch. I was singing and dancing and having a great time until you slammed into me. I said to her “Why don’t you go back to your seat”. She gave me a nasty look and stayed where she was. At that point I flagged a security person who walked by and asked her to tell the bitch to go back to her seat which she promptly did. Bitch was PISSED and stalked away never to return again. The security person actually thanked me for letting her know and so did the people behind me. Security then paid a lot of attention to that area the rest of the night and kept having constantly to clear people out. I paid $350 for the fucking seat damn right I’m going to complain about assholes like that. Most of these people were moving up to get pictures. I don’t understand these people. There were a couple middle-aged women who spent the entire show just taking pictures of M. I don’t think they stopped to watch the show at any time. Bizarre….

And now for the BEST MOMENT!!!!

I caught the glasses from “She’s Not Me”!!!!! 

This was totally out of the blue. I had no idea she was going to throw the glasses into the audience. I guess I had missed that in the you tube videos. Well, I had turned away from the stage for a second and when I turned back I suddenly realized that her glasses were airborne and heading straight for my friend and I!!! It brought back horrible memories of childhood little league though where I would freeze as a baseball came hurtling towards me. I reached out for them but my fingertips just missed them and they grazed my friend’s shoulder next to me. Because there was a small gap between us they kept on going and hit the chick behind me who didn’t get a hold of them either. They then fell down and landed on my souvenir bag under my chair. I immediately reached down and grabbed them at the same time as the chick. I had the better grip on them and wound up victorious!!! The glare this woman gave me could’ve frozen hell, LOL. But hey, fair is fair. It’s not like she had actually caught them and I ripped them out of her hands. I will post a pic of them tomorrow. This will be my most treasured Madonna item. I can’t believe I wore an item that she had on her head during the show. Super cool moment!!!

Well, that’s it for tonight. I’ll review all the songs after I see tomorrow’s show. I’m in Row 22 of section C in the same seats 13 and 14 like tonight. So I’ll only be 4 rows from the catwalk end stage which will give great views. Can’t wait!!

Oh yeah (keep remembering things). A strange thing tonight. They had NO programs. We were wandering around looking at merchandise around 10 minutes to 8 and I was told by a woman at the merchandise booth “They haven’t arrived yet”. Well I imagine they missed out on big sales then unless they arrived right after 8 as once the pre-show DJ started playing shortly after 8 and lights went off the arena filled up as people thought the show was starting. Most people didn’t seem to leave after that. Madonna will certainly be pissed losing out on that revenue! I’ll just get mine tomorrow but I would’ve been pissed if this had been my only show.


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  1. what did you think about her reaction to the divorce that was announced earlier that day. do you think that affected the show?
    she made a comment about Bostonians using their heads and not their feet and about being a dead audience.

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