BOSTON – October 16 – Fan Reports

Just got back from the show a little while ago. Had a great time. She was in great form once again. Sounded good vocally, looked fantastic, and was in a great mood. 

Once again though the audience was very dead. I was 4 rows from the catwalk end stage and the entire front row in front of the stage barely moved at all except when she was directly in front of them. Lots of fuddy duds. I actually felt awkward at times dancing and singing like crazy while pretty much everyone around me was just standing there. She actually snapped at the catwalk front row at one point for just standing there. The crowd was better further up alongside the catwalk.

Request song was Express Yourself. There were lots of signs tonight with Dress You Up, Deeper and Deeper, Open Your Heart, etc. and she was going along reading them all. She also had walked one of her band members down the catwalk to say hi to his mother who was sitting in front of the catwalk stage. She did the voting stuff again and told us all to vote for Obama. No mention of Palin this time at all.

She also didn’t say the emotionally retarded line before “Miles Away” like she had last night.

No glasses tonight unfortunately, lol. They actually flew very close to me just out of my reach and landed on the woman two seats behind me.

I’ll give my final review on the show’s songs tomorrow. Too tired tonight.

OMG what a night!

Seeing this show at the end of the catwalk is the BEST!

Thanks to TOPAZ for providing his very helpful information!

People around me were having a great time and were singing and dancing!

Madonna fell flat on the floor while doing LIB rotfl.gif 

I saw Guy Oseary taking pics while she was prfoming MILES AWAY and he was singing along rosey.gif

I was very close to Kevin’s family and Madonna chose EY because that was Kevin’s mom request

There were signs for Dress You Up (that would have been my choice!)

The BEST performances were LAP and VOGUE bow.gif 

Loved the HUGE ROAR when Obama was seen on the Get Stupid video!

Too bad that Madge did not TRASH Sarah PLAIN on this show ranting.gif 

THere were tons of EMPTY seats on the direct UPPER BALCONY seats facing the stage and more EMPTY seats throughout the arena, it might be interesting to see the BOXSCORE on this show.

Boston was fun last night with the RED SOX win over TB and all wink2.gif


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  1. mmm juts a doubt … in wath row end the catwalk.. thanx i have the row 23 seat 15 for San diego concert

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