Photoshop rotates photo “automatically” ? Other applications do not.

I have some pics in JPG format (which I happen to take with my Cell Phone, iPhone)
When I look at the pictures in a Windows folder with “Thumbnail” mode, or use Picture Viewer, or almost any other application, all the pictures are sideways (well, are oriented “Landscape” though the picture is Portrait)
So easy, I open Photoshop CS2 to rotate them all 90 degress, BUT each one opens in Portrait mode and displays correctly (Portrait), JUST in Photoshop.
Can anyone shed some light on what is happening? I want to send the pics out so that anyone can view them “correctly”

Here’s one possible solution:

Take the script below, save it as forcelandscape.js in the Photoshop/Presets/Scripts directory.

d = app.activeDocument;
if (d.height > d.width) d.rotateCanvas(90);

Add it to the Open handler using File > Scripts > Script Events Manager so it runs whenever you open a file.


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