Do politics belong at a Madonna concert?

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Discuss: Do politics belong at a Madonna concert?

At a recent show, the Material Girl flashed photos comparing John McCain to Adolf Hitler and threatened to “kick Sarah Palin’s ass.” But how welcome is her proselytizing when fans just want to get into the groove?

“Not if it’s an obvious publicity stunt.” – Michael Musto, Columnist, The Village Voice

I’m all for stars espousing their beliefs—even Katie Holmes—and have long felt that Madonna has done more than most politicians in championing important issues. But in concert, her facile politics (McCain equals Hitler) trivialize the references she’s using and can make for a “huh?” experience—especially for those waiting for her to simply do “La Isla Bonita.” If Madonna came out with some shocking utterance, like how she agrees with some of Sarah Palin’s politics (or at least her hair color), she might exhibit the moxie of the old, more artfully controversial superstar she once was. But coming from the woman who pulled her “American Life” video—in which a grenade was lobbed at a Bush lookalike—because she “did not want to offend anyone,” the bashing now seems easy and obvious. It’s as if she’s caught up with the rest of the country, not vice versa. We expect Madge to work harder to push our buttons.

“I support Madonna’s right to express herself.” – Michelle Malkin, Fox News contributor

I fully support Madonna’s right to express herself. No, really, I do. I champion her dressing like a 20-year-old Scores reject and shrieking like a seagull on crack. I wholeheartedly endorse the aging pop singer’s right to perform Geneva Convention–banned torture on an innocent guitar in pursuit of her “art.” Please, Madge, keep bashing Sarah Palin at your concerts. Keep threatening to kick the Alaska governor’s ass. Make your fellow peaceful Kabbalists proud. And keep spreading the liberal case against Palin: “Her husband rides a snowmobile? Eeeeek!” In fact, I encourage all entertainment industry has-beens to join in Madonna’s First Amendment– protected freak-outs. Put Hollywood hate on parade. Show us so-called “liberal tolerance” in action. We could certainly use more laughs in hard times.


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  1. Fuck Michelle Malkin.

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