Sticky & Sweet Tour: Boston Fan Pictures – Part 2

madonnalicious reader Dan sent in this report and pictures from the second Boston show on Thursday 16 October – to read other fan reports from both Boston shows visit the Fan Reviews section. 

Despite the recent news, M seemed to be in a pretty good mood. She was very talkative with the audience and really seemed to be enjoying herself. She brought her Musical Director (who is from Boston) out on stage for the request song. His mother was in the audience and M asked him what his mother would like to hear. He said she wanted to hear Express Yourself, so that was the request song. There were a lot of people with Dress You Up signs and I saw some with Cherish signs that when M say them, she said something like ‘Cherish – no way.’ 
She got an incredible response from the crowd for Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You and in particular, an extended ovation for You Must Love Me. It seemed to me the crowd was showing her their support in regards to the divorce. 
M actually took a spill during La Isla Bonita/Lela Pala Tute with her legs coming out from under her. Looked like she slipped on something and she just laid right down on her back. She played it off pretty well though and just got right back up. 







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