How McCain can win

Also check out these important links about how Obama & the liberals are trying to shut down free speech & criminalize political opposition (Stalinist tactics?) That’s Un-American!…

Here you can compare the tax plans of the various candidates to see how Obama is going to severely RAISE many taxes while McCain will cut them. Also, on ATR’s main site below you can plug in your 401K savings and see how each tax plan will affect its value:…

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  1. I totally agree. What is most frightening is that Obama is not honest about his radical far left wing plans. Too bad Americans can’t visit Cuba and see a population that live just above starvation and have no hope and no incentive to do anything.

    Yes, Obama will spend wildly –and it will be the middle class that will pick up the tab. If he decides to go after the wealthy with excessive taxes, they will just walk away.

    Exactly. It just doesn’t add up. Obama is not honest. He is lying. He thinks that Americans are so stupid that he can offer them anything and they will believe that it is possible. Obama, the new Santa.

    Once, you give up your dream of this wonderful demigogue, this amazing, superhuman man –probably backed and payed for by Al Qaeda –not by the piggy banks of the nation –once you realized that you are being conned by a master conman, you can make the logical, better choice.

    McCain will not sell out America the way that Obama will.

    Look on the internet and find out who Obama is. Don’t give the keys of the whitehouse to just anyone.

    Don’t let this Obama hoodwink you and lead you away. Vote McCain.

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