LOS ANGELES – November 6 – PRESS Reports/Reviews/Pics, BRITNEY & JUSTIN in the show! Plus damaged ro

It’s 3:12 am and I’m just in from the show.

First off…it started at 10pm…why?
The FUCKING traffic in LA to get there was literally backed up about 2 hours on Sunset Blvd (the only non-freeway to get there from anywhere west of Silverlake…it was truly insane – the drivers created a third lane out of the OPPOSING lane to be able to move some…there were wrecks…it was crazy). Since she started at 9 in San Diego…my friends and I gave up at about 8:30 and parked about a mile from the venue and walked the rest of the way to Dodger Stadium…getting there just at 9. That is the reason she went on 2 1/2 hours late…because it literally took that long for people to get there…and I’m sure there are some people who still didn’t make it on time. I was on Sunset in Silverlake (about a 1 mile stretch) for over 2 hours…just sitting…and people were coming in from freeways..etc…it was madness. 

Dodger Stadium is MASSIVE. It was not sold out (like San Diego was) but it was about 95% full…the very very very top sections (literally about 5 seating sections up) were not sold…none of them were sold…and that is why I’m saying it wasn’t sold out. It was so much larger than the San Diego stadium…which again…was capacity.

There was a stage and no roof extending from the catwalk…as someone who just saw the show 2 nights before…it was really only missed during DEVIL…and was still a treat because you could see her so clearly without the effects of the screen.

The first act was on fire…the floor crowd was insane…I was 5 rows back from the center catwalk…in my section were Ms. Lopez, Seacrest…Nicole Ritchie…could see Heidi Klum. Ms. Lopez caused a huge scene when she came in. The crowd really went crazy for the first 2 songs…then again with Britney and Vogue. 4M is so good with Justin to dance with…they did the breakdown together from the video at the end. 

She talked a lot…before YMLM…she gave the sweetest speech about how the top of the stage was missing and it was dark around here and she couldn’t see past the first row and look into our eyes…which is her favorite thing about performing…I swear she almost choked up a bit.

She definately said some things under her breath before HN and MA…something about cheating or that she didn’t cheat…need youtube video for it.

She did DRESS YOU UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was great. She talked about Prop 8. During the request she also told the people to rush the stage…telling the security (which was super tight all night) to let the people through..and after a fight they did.

I stood on my chair for the request, HU and GI2M…because anarchy rules once she says this about rushing the stage…it’s like the security people take a big sigh…say fuck it…and turn around and watch the show too.

Without the roof…the strobe lights had a better effect…so GI2M was insane…as was LAP and LIB. YMLM went over gloriously.

All in all…it was my favorite Madonna concert experience ever…and I’ve been to about 25 concerts. The energy on the floor sections was insane and I love to look back at the entire stadium at certain points because it’s staggering…her power as a performer.

Her voice was in top shape as well.


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