Madonna’s fashion faux pas

Madonna’s fashion faux pas
By Hilary Alexander, Fashion Director
21 Nov 2008

Madonna wears a ‘green grass’ Louis Vuitton dress by Marc Jacobs to the Gucci UNICEF dinner; 2008

Having trawled through several thousand images of Madonna taken over the last 12 or 15 years, I have come to the conclusion, reluctantly, perhaps, that Madonna simply has no style. Either that or she really hates clothes. 

She may have the knack of projecting a mesmeric sexual ambiguity on stage. She can look amazing when maquillaged and coiffed for a fashion shoot with a world-class photographer, bewitching stylist and fabulous lighting – even when there is nothing to wear. 

But left to her own devices, Madonna is a fashion car-crash. She simply cannot do real clothes. 

Countless images show her obsession with sloppy-slobby, sports-chic – oversized sweat-tops and baggy trackie-pants, with her hair pushed up underneath a laughable tweed cap and her eyes hidden behind shades. In some shots you could be looking at a Kerry Katona or a Jade Goody. 

Elsewhere, frame after frame reveals her progression through the ranks of endless designers – from early forays a decade ago with Olivier Theyskens and John Galliano, whom she championed, to Jean Paul Gaultier who invented her rocket cone bras and to Dolce & Gabbana. Then came Gucci, Stella McCartney and Prada, where the designs began often to sit uneasily on her increasingly muscled and veined body. Very rarely, now, does she look at ease. She’s tried country chic, boho luxe, tea-dresses, tailoring, furs, frump chic; it all looks the same – awkward. She logs onto every trend going, from leggings under dresses to ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ and the return of animal print. Still no luck. Everything she wears looks as if it belongs to someone else, as if she’s simply inhabiting it for a nanosecond. 

Now, she’s doing Louis Vuitton. But not, as anyone in her position with any intelligence would do – by sifting through a collection and carefully selecting the pieces which fit and flatter. Madonna has to swallow the catwalk look lock, stock and two smoking barrels, with shoes and accessories exactly as worn by the model almost a third her age, who first wore it. 

Her latest style salvo, in an Louis Vuitton dress by Marc Jacobs, which looks as if someone poured a wheelbarrow of lawn clippings all over her, is just another horrific hiccup in the wardrobe of a woman of wealth, but no taste. 

‘Green chic’ may be ecologically sound, but not when it makes you look as if you should be put out to grass. 



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