M to be involved in the sequel to “Twilight”?, According to Ryan Gaycrest (E! News)

I’ve Read this info on MadonnaTribe forum.

According to Ryan on E! News, Madonna will be involved in the sequel to “Twilight” which the second movie will be made on the second book of the “Twilight Saga”, “New Moon“. Guy Oseary is the executive producer to the movie starring Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart.
It is unknown to whether Madonna will either act in the second installment to the saga film or sing for the soundtrack or both.
Gaycrest also said it’s most likely she’ll both appear in the film and do the soundtrack.


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  1. Hope so!!!!!! She’s rocks & she’s nice 2 look at!!!!! She isn’t a bad actress either, she’s just been in some bad movies, you’re not “a bad actress” if you you get rave reviews for your first movie, the next one not so much, this one, oh’ great job, the next oh’ it’s horrible, the the next thing you know you’re getting Oscar buzz and take home 2 Golden Globes for Evita!!!!!!!(Which was AMAZING) Madonna’s performance was right on it Evita, she proved herself for good right there, not to mention all the other movies of hers that have done well, A League of Their Own, Dick Tracy, Desperately Seeking Susan, Truth or Dare, etc!!!!!!!!

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