Hard Candy – today, Critical acclaim, World records and personal statement.

”An american dance masterpiece!” – About.com 5/5

”Pop record of the year!” – Attitude Magazine 5/5

”Party album of the year!” – 4/4 People

”Madonna is bringing sexy back!” – Blender 4/5

”Madonna finds her way back to top!” – 4/5 Rolling Stone

”Madonna can still scoff at wanna-be’s half her age!” – 4/5 Rolling Stone

”Hard Candy is a mouthwatering proposition.” – Daily Mirror 4/5

”Hard Candy crackles with confident creativity!” – Metro 4/5

”The shameless idol still has much to give!” – The Observer 4/5

”A tough, nuggety confection offering plenty for listeners to get their teeth into!” – 4/5 The Observer

”As long as Madonna keeps releasing albums as vivid, relevant, distinctive and modern as this, we will live for some time yet.” – DOTmusic 8/10

”Madonna is keeping it sticky & sweet!” – Pop Journalism 7/10

”A more fully realized, forward-thinking sequel to 2005’s Confessions on a Dance Floor.” – USA Today 3.5/4

”A sweet soft centre in a crisp hardbody shell!” – 3/5 The Independent

”Recalls her dance floor glory days!” – 3/4 US Weekly

”Coldly effective show of prowess!” – LA Times 3/4

”This is a 2008 take on an old-fashioned dance album.” – Bloomberg 3/4

”Madonna offers delicious beats galore.” – TIME Magazine B+

”Madonna gets back into the groove with an old-school dance CD!” – Entertainment Weekly B+

”The pop diva makes good on her promise!” – People Magazine

”Immediately excellent!” – The Times

”A Madonna pop album for 2008!” – Capital Radio

”Her most lyrically revealing collection ever!” – The Sun

”Fierce!” – QX Magazine

”One Of Madonna’s most perfect works of art!” – Berlingske Tidende

”The Material Girl has proven once again that she’s at the top of her game!” – blogcritics.org

”The beats boom out loud and clear – Madonna still belongs on that forever shimmering dance floor!” – Associated Press

”Her most unpretentious and consistently enjoyable pop record since Like A Virgin.” – Uncut Magazine

”Blasts the competition with a disco funk!” – MTV

”Madonna’s sweet return to her roots.” – Reuters

”“Hard Candy” has all the earmarks of an instant classic.”- Metromix

”12 Tracks Filled With Artistic Tension” – About.com

”Her strongest and most enjoyable album since the heavy-breathing “Erotica”” – Chicago Sun Times

”Of-the-moment and radio-ready, some of her best work yet!” – Billboard

”Instant gratification of a musical sweet tooth!” – New York Times

”A tasty pop confection! What a wonderful surprise!” – HX Magazine

”It may be the best album of Madonna’s career!” – New York Daily News

”Madonna’s most engaging, edgy and contemporary disc in ages!” – JAM! Music

”Ranks among her best and most entertaining albums!” – Jyllands-Posten

”Still into the groove, Madonna shakes it old school!” – New York Post

”Hard Candy” feels perfectly concerted, without a whiff of desperation.” – The Boston Globe

”Pushing 50 and Madonna’s still in vogue!” – Miami Herald

”Madonna shows she still can make an album heavy with hits.” – HeraldNet

”A heady, frisky sugar rush of urban dance-pop that sounds vital and relevant!” – Washington Post

”A treat that’s genuinely sour and sweet!” – The Advocate

”The pop queen gets into a serious groove!” – Houston Chronicle

”Fun album with a hint of mystery, a pop party where the hottest hip-hop stars are invited!” – The Boston Herald B+

”The legend sounds stronger and more confident than ever (if that’s even possible)” – Pop Matters

”A saucy slice of urban electronica, the album cements Madonna’s reign over all things pop!” – Maryland Diamondback 4/5

”She has given us an album that is both deeply intellectual and mindlessly enjoyable!” – Globe And Mail

”Every 49-year-old should have this much fun experimenting in public!” – New York Sun

”Hard Candy” might be the friendliest Madonna record since her debut.” – Salon

”Madonna’s finest album in donkeys!” – Daily Star

”Madonna can still show everyone how it’s done.” – ABC News

”Hard Candy is an artistic triumph!” – Metro Weekly


– Hard Candy has sold 3,143,500 to date; making it the 6th best selling album of the year.

-“4 Minutes” became Madonna’s best selling single in the U.S. since “Vogue”. And the second best selling single of the year worldwide.

– Sticky & Sweet Tour has grossed over $185,696,018 and played to an audience of 1,357,906 people so far and with few more shows she’s going to break her own record for the most successful tour by a female artist ever.



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