Madonna in cameo on Britney’s new CD

According to that freak Roger Friedman:

Britney’s Circus 1st Ever Madonna Cameo

Madonna’s processed voice makes a cameo appearance on a track on Britney Spears’ new album, Circus.

The song is called Kill the Lights, and Madonna’s trademark voice comes in at exactly 50 seconds, when she sings a whole verse including the line: “There’s more to me than what you see.” The song is about paparazzi, one of the least interesting subjects known to man.

Later in the song — which should be a big dance hit in clubs — Britney makes a throwaway reference to Madonna. “Is Madonna gonna get the best of you?” she teases.

In fact, Madonna’s made what may be her first ever guest appearance on another pop singer’s album, maybe even for free.

“Circus” hits stores on December 2nd, but it’s all over the internet in different forms. You can hear the whole thing on Britney’s website.,2933,457706,00.html

Here’s a link to hear the song. According to Friedman, it starts around the 50th second (around 48 seconds actually) but the voice is so processed, it could be anybody including Madonna or Britney. What do ya think?


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    His home email address:
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