Madonna looks like 30 years old, says a dancer

Exiting from a horror theme park in an Ahmedabad mall, this agile dancer greets you with a warm smile and confesses, “It was really scary. Did you Sandip Soparrkar (TOI Photo) 
go there? There was a ghost clad in a gray cloak! I was really scared inside.” 

Well, that’s Sandip Soparrkar for you. Candid and cordial. Having grabbed attention for his connection (dance, of course) with Hollywood hotties such as Shakira, Beyonce Knowles, Madonna Britney Spears and even football legend Maradona, Sandip seems quite content with life. “Things are happening and I am happy about how they are moving. Dance takes care of half of your life,” says Sandip. 

A single father, who adopted a two-year-old boy, Sandip feels the society is selfish and to some extent racial when it comes to adopting a baby. “It took me four years to be able to adopt a baby. First of all, I am single and a man. That was the major hurdle. A single woman has to undergo three steps, whereas the law of land has laid 42 steps for a man to be able to adopt a child. And that too, a single man can only adopt a male child. Added to this, once I passed this acid test, people used to advise me to adopt a fair child. Why? Because I am fair,” Sandip shares. 

Life seems to have taken another good turn after his son Arjun entered his life. “It’s been wonderful to see Arjun grow. He’s one and a half year old and I love him. He is not a dancer. And I don’t want to make him one. I want to give him a good life.” According to Sandip, adopting a child and giving a better life to a child makes more sense than donating money. He seems to be enjoying fatherhood, as he says, “I am going to buy something for my son from Ahmedabad.” 

Does he intend to marry or stay single? “I do. Jessy and I are very much together. We are planning to tie the knot soon,” reveals Sandip. 

Born to a Gujarati father and a Telugu mother, Sandip left India for Germany when he was 12. So how did dance happen? “It happened when I was 13. I just could not resist the temptation to dance and used to wait for my class to finish to attend my dance class,” says Sandip. 

Having done MBA in marketing management, Sandip went on to head a PR agency. He represented Germany along with his Polish partner for nine years for ball-room dance competitions. Sandip rewinds, “It even came as a surprise to me when I took the decision to take up dance as my career. My boss gave me enough encouragement and I too thought that my career was secure and I can go back to the corporate corridors whenever I want to. And I plunged into action. In fact, I am quite happy with the way things have shaped up so far.” 

Having started dance academy in Kathmandu, Surat, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad, Sandip intends to open one in Ahmedabad too. “Men in Ahmedabad and Surat do not have inhibitions while dancing with women. But in south, it is a major hindrance,” he avers. 

During the economic slowdown, Sandip feels, “dance helps reduce stress levels. And believe me, the number of people who come to dance has increased when I conduct a workshop in these two months.” 

Having trained ‘Bootylicious’ Beyonce, hip-shaker Shakira, Sandip has choreographed Britney Spears’ song Womanizer. In his kitty right now is the Hollywood flick Nine starring Penelope Cruz and Nicole Kidman. So who is the hottest of all these celebrities? “Shakira. No doubt about it. But I really admire Madonna for her appeal and being able to maintain a toned up figure, which is quite difficult a task. When I met her, I was amazed to see how young she looked. At 50 she looked like a 30-year old.”


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