Scott Is Chris Evans’ Brother and I Stand A Chance

Scott Evans

I’ve been meaning to blab something about Scott Evans, Chris Evans’ slightly chunky, real looking brother for a while. Just look at him! My heart melts every single time. I’ve posted this little known hottie a few months back as the ‘hot extra’ on “Fringe” and thanks to you wonderful commenters, we now know that he’s gay and all kinds of hot. As for the shirtlessness, I’m 100% sure Scott has some decent forestation in there, as proved by hisoh so famous brother (yes, that’s four freakin’ pages of furry goodness — hope you can handle it). Scott Evans and Chris Evans. In a room. Um okay, I’ll see you later because some serious imagining need to be done!

Click here to see Chris Evans’ interview with Advocate and my previous Scott Evans on “Fringe” post here.

Scott Evans

Scott Evans

Scott Evans

Scott Evans

Scott Evans

Okay fine. Here you go. You’re welcome. p.s: I just realized Jason Statham was the non-shirtless baddie in this movie. LOL

Chris Evans


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  1. You call that “slightly chunky?”

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