official: NO RIT DVD (for now), according to Guy Oseary

January 24, 2009 
Icon Q&A With Guy Oseary 
Iconers! 2009 has just begun and we just can’t wait to unveal what Madonna has in store for you all this year! In the meantime, we’re happy to introduce a brand new feature, which allows you to ask Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary, questions on a quarterly basis. 

Want your Madonna related question answered? E-mail it to before February 3rd using “Ask Guy” as your e-mail’s subject line. Also, make sure to include your full name, Icon username and country. One question per member and per session please. The 10 most asked questions will be answered by Guy Oseary and published in the ‘News’ section of the site. 

Come on, don’t be shy, just ask Guy! 

NB: Before you e-mail your question, please note that Guy has already provided us with an answer regarding a possible release of the Re-Invention Tour on DVD: “There is not current plan for the Re-Invention Tour DVD. As you know it was shot and it will come out someday, but nothing is planned for it as of now.” 



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