New W photoshoot with Steven Klein, more photos released

Madonna Exudes Humanlike Attributes in Photo Shoot
By Rohin GuhaFebruary 09, 2009

If you’re like me and you need reams of evidence to prove that Madonna is in fact a woman and not a basilisk assuming the form of a woman, consider this sheaf of photography from the latest issue of W. Steven Klein manages to accomplish the nearly-impossible and make the diva appear humanlike. Using flourishes far more nuanced than soft-focus and lens flare, Klein exhumes sentience and sensitivity absent from the pop singer’s emotional range since this single. Why, she even looks coy and vulnerable in some shots!

More miraculous is how he succeeds in infusing her with some long-lost glamour— convincing us that, yes, Madonna could be a precocious schoolmarm, lounge singer, and socialista. And that guy propped up next to her? That’s Guy Ritchie’s A-Rod’s replacement, whose back Klein has courteously photographed to make identification easier (it’s Jesus Luz if you can’t bear the suspense). But ultimately, this photoshoot comes as a huge relief for those of us wondering if there would be anything salvageable for Her Madgesty’s image after her perilous travels through Timbaland. It even offers a kernel of hope that after Madonna’s done chasing the coat-tails of dying fads, she may gracefully step back up to the pop throne and become a trailblazer again. But until then, you may bow down to Rihanna.

Madonna & Jesus Undress for W-TF Photos

(Feb. 9) – This time, Madonna gets the last laugh. Following her divorce to Guy Ritchie and being connection to Yankees player Alex Rodriguez, the ‘Sticky Sweet’ singer and her 20-something “pal” Jesus Luz decided to bare lots of skin in a 48-page photo spread for the March 2009 issue of W Magazine … We’re still speechless.

Luz, a Brazilian model, was discovered by photographer Steven Klein during casting for the shoot in Rio de Janeiro. Creative Director Dennis Freedman said the singer and model had “obvious chemistry.”
After Page Six caught the two together in Rio, rumors began to spread about the romantic fling. “Everyone knows… they are kissing and doing other things but without any obligation of being faithful or getting into a relationship afterward,” sources said. Last month, the pair were spotted together again in New York having lunch together.
Madonna agreed to undertake the W project on her two-day break between concerts in Rio and Sao Paulo on the South American leg of her Sticky & Sweet Tour. The first day was devoted to fittings while the second day, “she worked well into the night,” Freedman said.
The photo spread ‘Blame It on Rio’ is Madonna and Klein’s third collaboration for W.

i known Madonna and Klein wanted to do this shoot in a kind of spontaneous way, but really what the point to put pics like this in the mag?


Her legs are bruised in the photo above cuz she was on tour and was getting scratched and bruised all the time. It’s surprising that they didn’t airbrush the bruises though.

I love this one!

I’m loving this one, very sexy:


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