Rumour: Madonna’ll take a role in the Twilight sequel, New Moon, also put together the soundtrack

That’s if this rumor from Ryan Gaycrest (via ONTD) is true. On E! news, Gaycrest says that Vadge’s business partner, Guy Oseary, is executive producing the Twilight sequel, New Moon, and wants to involve the gristle granny somehow. Gaycrest said it’s likely that she’ll take a role in the movie and also put together the soundtrack. Do you hear that? The unicorns from Robert Pattinson’s magical forest are bawling and stabbing each other in the eyes with their horns.

Do the bitches of New Moon want their shit to sweep the Razzies next year? Even Robert’s magical unicorn friends are no match for Vadge’s kiss of the death. If Vadge so much as winks at the script, the entire movie will end up on FAIL Blog.

Does the book even have a character that’s a roidy memaw creature who sucks on the blood of young boys with her toothy sascrotch? If so, then fair enough, because that’s the role Vadge was born to play. I mean, she’s already living it.

Or maybe she’s just going to play a corpse? She convincingly played one in The Next Best Thing, so she’s already proven that she’s the one for the job.…venation-search

The curious case of Madonna Ciccone

And so, once again, to Madonna’s tireless search for the elixir of youth. Last week, the recently divorced singer released a series of pictures exalting the rejuvenating properties of drinking the blood of amusingly named young models in Rio hotel rooms.

This week, there are reports that she has hitched her wagon to New Moon, the sequel to teen-centred vampire movie Twilight. According to various entertainment oracles, Madonna will provide music for the film’s soundtrack – and may even bring her legendary acting talents to bear upon the project.

That would certainly be something to look forward to … but our anticipation must, of course, be tinged with concern. After all, in allying herself so closely with a cultural phenomenon that is perhaps more accurately described as tween-centred, Madonna appears increasingly gripped by the conviction that she is growing younger, as the rest of the world marches inexorably towards its dotage.

How her story will end is impossible to say, but at this rate, Lost in Showbiz envisages madam commissioning a giant, animatronic, pensioner-age Cate Blanchett to rock her to sleep every night, the better to assist her in this Fitzgeraldian fantasy.

Madonna won’t be acting in it…just soundtrack contribution (which is FINE by me).



Summit Entertainment are said to have no plan in casting Madonna in ‘New Moon’, but the ‘Miles Away’ songstress might contribute to the soundtrack.

Madonna may not be seen in “New Moon” after all. Citing on a source close to the production, Entertainment Weekly reported contrary to the circulating rumors suggesting that Madonna will make an appearance in the”Twilight” sequel, Summit Entertainment have no plans in bringing the “Evita” star into the project. 

Though slamming the casting rumor, the trade hinted on the possibility of her making a contribution to the sequel’s soundtrack. “However, because Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary, is a producer on the project, there is some talk of her providing songs for the sequel,” EW’s report read. Still, it should be noted that no deals have been set in stone so far on the matter.


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