Michael Jackson fans: Is Madonna a paedophile?, Disgusting Thread at King Of Pop forum

Posted by Lil Hon today:

The same media who created the whole paedo-hysteria, is the media who kiss Madonna’s rusty behind. Now, lets look at the facts:

*Madonna was seen French kissing a 15-y-o nephew of her manager, when she was 23.

*She snogged a boy who was said to be 13, but looked much younger, in the video and the live performance for “Open Your Heart”. She played a darn STRIPPER in the video, and was 28 at that time.

*She said something along the lines: “I don’t want to call myself bisexual, but I’m attracted to women and boys”. The context implies that “boys” mean actual children/teenagers, and not just men in general. 

*In the “Sex” book, she wrote about having sex with a boy, who didn’t have any body hair anywhere. That means, 13 or less. Yes, it’s supposed to be a fantasy, but what if a man wrote such a fantasy these days? Even Lolita had some body hair.

*Bobby Brown claims having sex with Madonna, when she was an opening act for “New Addition”. He’s 11 years her junior. If it’s a lie, why doesn’t she sue? She’s usually very sue-happy, unlike MJ.

*She was sued for child abuse:

http://www.aishamusic.com/lawsuit_many_art…_stole_from.htm s171.gif 

How come the media doesn’t mention this?

*Britney, Christina, Justin. What would happen if MJ made out with Chris Brown and Rihanna at the same time?

*Jesus Lus. He’s 20, but mentally he must be even younger. The douchebag tatooed his own damn name on his own damn back, for pete’s sake! People here made a fuss about some worthless staged photo of an adult young male passing by MJ’s bodyguard. Michael’s own FANS underwent the brainwashing and think in double standards. 



These people are fucked in the head bloed_2.gif


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  1. I’m a member of that forum and let me tell you that pretty much every other fan is letting this poster have it.

    Let’s not make this ONE PERSON into a representative for all Michael Jackson fans.

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