Rosie on Howard Stern today, talks about Madonna

anyone listen?

Rosie O’Donnell visited the Howard Stern today, and boy did she let loose! Rosie was open, honest, and at ease with everything happening in her life. The interview was amazing and just flew by. Here are the highlights:

Rosie O’Donnell on Drinking: Rosie says recently, she was drinking too much and it had to stop. She said she was beer drinker and throwing back at least four a night. She finally stopped drinking entirely about six months ago after her 14 year old son Parker told her he was worried about her drinking. Rosie would typically ask Parker to get her beers from the fridge and then let him open the cans “because he likes the sound they make.” One day, Parker refused, telling Rosie she’s drinking too much and he doesn’t like it. She stopped that day and says she hasn’t had a drink since. Rosie said when she was younger she never drank at all. She says she started when she was on “The View”.

Rosie O’Donnell on Coming Out: Howard told Rosie that he respected her so much more once she came out of the closet and admitted she was gay. He said it was very courageous and bold and applauded her for that. Rosie says it wasn’t courageous at all. She says by the time she “came out” she was very successful and wealthy could have stopped working entirely if Hollywood and the public rejected her. She says she never really hid the fact she was gay, it’s just that no one ever asked her about it. She says she sort of tried to come out on the Arsineo Hall show many years ago, but Arsineo didn’t take the bait.

Rosie O’Donnell on Marriage: Rosie says she didn’t marry her partner Kelly so much for love, but more to make a political statement. She says it was shortly after the United States invaded Afghanistan and President Bush made an address to the country. The US has just lost an entire platoon. Rosie says instead of discussing that terrible fact, Bush told the country that he was going to be sure to prevent gay marriage from happening in America. Rosie was so mad she told Kelly they had to get married to make a stand. Her marriage to Kelly has since been annulled due to California’s Proposition 8. Although she’s upset about this, she says she’s not surprised. But, she says Kelly is very angered and saddened by the forced annulment.

Rosie O’Donnell on Sex: Despite all of Howard’s prodding and fantasizing, Rosie admits that she is not a very sexual person and certainly not wild. She says she has a very low sex drive and if it wasn’t for Kelly’s commitment to their relationship, they probably wouldn’t still be together. Kelly organizes regular “date nights” and does other stuff to keep their relationship alive. Rosie says she is hardly ever nude, and joked that she even turns the lights off in the shower.

Rosie O’Donnell on Madonna: Despite all the gossip and rumors otherwise, Rosie and Madonna are still good friends and Rosie actually practices Kabala, just like Madonna.

Rosie O’Donnell on Depression: Rosie says she’s been struggling with depression almost all of her life. She sees a therapist regularly and takes the anti-depressant Affixer.

Why Rosie O’Donnell was *really* on Howard Stern: Rosie came into the studios to plug her new Lifetime special “America” which is about our messed up foster care system. Howard says the TV movie is “Wonderful, A+” and he “recommends and urges his entire audience to watch”. “America” premieres on Lifetime this Saturday night at 9pm ET.


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