Junior Boys’ New Album – Begone Dull Care – Dull To Pause + Lyrics

This is the duo’s third album, and the title is a reference to a short film by Norman McLaren, the pioneering Oscar-winning animator and electronic composer, who was fond of direct film animation (the technique of physically manipulating or painting on film frame by frame) and stop-start animation. His meticulousness is much like the band’s process of composing and sequencing their music. There’s a measured restraint that’s rarely employed in modern pop music and it’s the precision and restraint in the arrangements that serves to magnify what is there. And what is there is exceptional.

Track Listings
1. Parallel Lines
2. Work
3. Bits and Pieces
4. Dull To Pause
5. Hazel
6. Sneak A Picture
7. The Animator
8. What It’s For

with every morning chore
you look around once more
so that your eyes will adjust
to all the grain and dust

all the time spent over nothing
seems like you’re done
you are

i was pacing around
and just recording it down
i had nothing to say
i’m done for another day

’cause i don’t want to share you
so don’t say goodnight, no
don’t say goodnight

it’s too dull to pause
and to remember the cause
it’s just too dull to care
so we cue from another mirror

in the icy edge
we steal our reflections
when we pass on by
when we pass by


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