Junior Boys’ New Album – Begone Dull Care – Hazel + Lyrics

This is the duo’s third album, and the title is a reference to a short film by Norman McLaren, the pioneering Oscar-winning animator and electronic composer, who was fond of direct film animation (the technique of physically manipulating or painting on film frame by frame) and stop-start animation. His meticulousness is much like the band’s process of composing and sequencing their music. There’s a measured restraint that’s rarely employed in modern pop music and it’s the precision and restraint in the arrangements that serves to magnify what is there. And what is there is exceptional.

Track Listings
1. Parallel Lines
2. Work
3. Bits and Pieces
4. Dull To Pause
5. Hazel
6. Sneak A Picture
7. The Animator
8. What It’s For

The days were awful lately
They ran on and on
Mistakes are never lightly
And colours hardly run
But now they’re all mixed up
And I don’t know just what I see
You’re over everything
All the lines are skipping free

The moment interrupts me
And I can’t find my place
Some voices all around here
But I won’t back away
Instead I talk to you
You’re so hard to figure out
One minute interview
From next to help breathe it out

It’s a hard wait (yeah)
Hard wait (yeah)
Hard wait (yeah)
It’s a hard wait (yeah)

When every second takes its tour
With every kiss you kill me more
But I’m here and I decide
So come close and watch me ’til I die

It’s true I understand too well
This price of touch and go
Still search your awful secrets
That I found out on my own
Come on just give me something
Or let me be left alone
Hide my face in the crowd
Just keeps me moving and moving out

It’s a hard wait (yeah)
Hard wait (yeah)
Hard wait (yeah)
Hard wait (yeah)

When you’ve been there for a few at home
Because you’ve been off way too long
And it’s too much just to leave again
So you’ve figured that you’ll stay instead

Hard wait (yeah)
Hard wait (yeah)
Hard wait (yeah)
Oh it’s a hard wait (yeah)

Just a tear on the falling edge
And in the end it’s just another stretch
To find someone you can understand
Find someone who’s got the tact in hand
For every moment and stance
Every wink and every glance
You get caught up in another night
And you hit me with those hazel eyes


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