Five of Madonna’s staff have walked out on her. The singer has been hit by the resignation of two personal assistants, two nannies and a chauffeur – who all cited long working hours as the reason for quitting.

Upon handing in her notice to the ‘Miles Away’ singer earlier this week, Australian nanny Angela Jacobson was immediately told to leave.

Another nanny, Elodie, who had worked alongside Angela looking after the singer’s three children – Lourdes, 12, Rocco, eight and adopted David, three – has also quit.

They are joined by personal assistants Denise Lambertson and Johanna Edholm, and chauffeur Alistair Mitchell, who was Madonna’s driver for seven years.

Telling of her strain at being on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Angela, 29, wrote on her Facebook internet profile: ‘Not putting up with this s**t anymore. Never have, never will.
‘Standing up for my rights regardless of consequence. Sick of always being the one who compromises.’

Angela, who was contracted to work until the end of June, is said to be shocked she was told to pack her bags almost immediately after revealing her plans to leave.

A source told Britain’s People newspaper: ‘Angela was with her for two years and was particularly close to David. He and Rocco are devastated she is leaving.

‘And Elodie, who’s been with Madonna for about 15 months, was also close to the children.

‘But all Madonna’s employees work incredibly long hours.’

Personal assistant Denise is due to finish working for the 50-year-old star this week, and Johanna quit saying she lost a boyfriend due to Madonna’s work demands. Alistair left Madonna to drive her ex-husband Guy Ritchie.
The walk-outs come as a huge blow to Madonna as she flies to Malawi, Southern Africa, today in a bid to adopt a new child.

The singer has spent three months negotiating with authorities to adopt three year old female orphan, Mercy James, as a sister for David – who is also from Malawi.

The singer has also taken on French nanny Audrey Wrightson


Ouch! Sounds like she would be Ok to work with.
But not to work FOR.
Sounds like thankless work. Doesn’t even pay holiday wages or give bonuses.


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