ATB – Future Memories

“Two years might sound like a long time to produce an album. But I spent roughly the same amount of
time on “Future Memories“ as on my previous LPs“, André explains. The methodology was different this
time around, however. “Unlike the last album, which was very much based on classic songwriting and real
instruments, “Future Memories“ has more of a focus on keyboards and synthesizers again. I wanted to
get back to my roots in electronic sounds,“ ATB continues. Of course, both André Tanneberger and
his music have developed further, adding new, refined touches to the classic ATB sound. Tempo is
of the essence on the new recordings, raising the bar higher than ever for a trance album. Hence
“Future Memories“ features four tracks which clock in at over 165 beats per minute. Anyone who thinks
this signals a departure into hardcore or techno by ATB would be mistaken. In spite of their high
speed, these songs still have that essential ATB soul. Meanwhile, “Future Memories“ also serves up a
number of ATB tracks as the fans know and love them – indeed the sound which has won ATB so many loyal
fans over the years. The tracks registering over 165 bpm are there to get people to think more
deeply about the album, as André explains “controversy makes it more interesting, it gets
listeners to engage with the album more intensely“. He’s certainly achieved that with flying colours,
judging by the heated debate in forums in advance of the release already. “Future Memories“ contains
26 tracks on two CDs. One with driving, melodic club music, the other in a more ambient style. “On
my other albums I used the 2nd CD to show my fans another side of ATB. Same again with “Future
Memories“. I love ambient music, love listening to it and producing songs in the genre, I find it
enjoyable and relaxing. Most of these songs were created at home in a more intimate environment“ ATB
points out. It goes without saying that André has collaborated with other artists for the new album.
This has been one of his trademarks over the past decade. This time, there are songs with Roberta
Carter Harrison, Haley and Josh Gallahan, no strangers to connoisseurs of earlier ATB records.
Betsy Larkin and Aruna are two brand new guests on the album. Fans of ATB’s instrumental tracks will
also find plenty to keep them happy.


01 ATB – L.A. Nights
02 ATB – What About Us
03 ATB – Swept Away
04 ATB – A New Day
05 ATB – My Everything
06 ATB – Summervibes with 9PM
07 ATB – Gravity
08 ATB pres. Josh Gallahan – Luminescene
09 ATB pres. Flanders – Behind
10 ATB – Future Memories
11 ATB – Still Here
12 ATB – My Saving Grace
13 ATB – Terra 260273
14 ATB pres. Jades – Communicate


01 ATB – Talismanic
02 ATB – Missing
03 ATB – Horizon
04 ATB – Voices
05 ATB pres. Flanders – Behind (ATB’s Ambient Mix)
06 ATB pres. Apple&Stone – Authentic Reaction
07 ATB – Careless
08 ATB – Twilight
09 ATB – Listen To Me
10 ATB – Living Life Over
11 ATB – Silent Meaning
12 ATB – Malibu Road

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This title will be released on May 12, 2009.

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  1. mmm such a good album. i didn’t know there were two discs to it though! 😦

    saw him last night and it was sweeeeet.

    cool post!

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