Changing WordPress MU from Subdomains to Subdirectories

I know you don’t want to pay more to upgrade your hosting plan after you find out SiteGround doesn’t support a wildcard DNS record on the shared server.

Unfortunately, a wildcard DNS record cannot be set on the shared server. It is only available on SiteGround’s dedicated solutions.

These steps below might help:-

1. Backup and delete files:


2. Backup your database

3. Reupload your WordPress MU folder. This step is not necessary, but is recommended.

4. Run the WordPress MU installation script by accessing index.php  in your favorite web browser.

5. Select “sub-directories” in the Blog Addresses section, enter your mySQL credentials into the page, and the details of your main blog.

5.5 In the admin console, go to the blogs page. Change each blog’s url.

For each blog, click the edit link to edit that blog’s details. You’ll want to edit the following fields to all be consistent with the new location you want each blog:

  • Domain
  • Path
  • Siteurl
  • Home
  • Fileupload Url

Step 5.5 might take you a while if you already have registered blogs because you have to change above settings manually. However, if your WordPress MU is new, there’s nothing further to be done. You can test by creating new blog, and see where it’s located.

Let me know if this works for you guys. It works on mine. Check it out at


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  1. what does 3. mean?

    i have a wpmu install in private_html folder (secure) on a remote server

    should i download it to my computer then re-upload it?
    is that to reset permissions?
    do the files on the remote server get overwritten or do i delete them after downloading?

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