Craig Olejnik says he’s a good ‘Listener’

Craig Olejnik stars in The Listener as Toby Logan, a paramedic who can hear people’s minds.

LOS ANGELES — Ask anyone who knows Craig Olejnik — except for any ex-girlfriends, he jokes — and they’ll tell you that he is a pretty good listener.

He is not much of a talker, he offers, and instead is the kind of guy who lets his silence speaks volumes, drawing you in with his quiet mystique.

That is fitting, considering he is starring in NBC’s summer series The Listener (Thursdays 10 p.m. ET/PT), a show about a paramedic with a telepathic ability. The supernatural drama follows Toby Logan (Olejnik), who can hear people’s most intimate thoughts.

The procedural show, which premiered last week (5.3 million viewers) with two back-to-back episodes, contrasts his life as a do-gooder with that of the daily struggles of a twentysomething who’s looking to find himself.

“My mother taught me at a young age that if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all. And,” says the single 30-year-old in a phone interview, pausing for dramatic effect, “I usually don’t have much good to say! So I just listen. You don’t have to say much.”

Olejnik, who’s from Halifax, Nova Scotia, has appeared in the film Thir13en Ghosts with Tony Shalhoub and more recently in the CW television series Runaway.

Olejnik most related to his character’s search to figure himself out.

“In my mid 20s, I was certainly at that point. I was like, ‘Oh, my God! What have I amounted to?’ So you begin to read the books. And watch Oprah. And then finally accept who you are,” he says.

It was that average, good-guy aspect that attracted him to the Listener role.

“He doesn’t run any quicker, he isn’t any stronger than anyone else. He can’t go to bed without these images in his head. And he’s driven to act upon them morally, ethically, and he wants to help these people out of these situations,” he says.

Still, Olejnik would never want to have that type of supernatural power himself.

“I’d rather fly. I would like to fly from 1 mph to light speed at will. I’ve always had dreams of flying. The sensation is incredible.”


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  1. I just have to respond with the highest compliment to Craig Olejnik and his tv series “The Listener”. I have watched each episode with thoughts of wonderful acting and intelligent writing. This show has everything packaged into a #1 series. If this was shown in the US during a different time slot, I know this show would have made it. I have read everything there is on this young man and it still leaves you wanting more. He and his cast members have that X factor that very few people have. Not relating his show with “Seinfield”, but the combination works as did their show. Please keep this show on and please Craig, tell us more about yourself. Many people on this side of the screen are loving you and your show. Thanks, mom Darlene

  2. There are many Canadian and US fans that would very much like to see CTV have a second season of The Listener. If I may, I would like to inform you and your readers who may be fans of the show and of actor Craig Olejnik, that there is a petition to sign, in hopes the powers that be will take notice. Please check out the petition and sign it and show your support. Pass it on to your friends, spread the word, and thanks for your support. The Listener is a great show that showcases Canada and it’s Canadian actors. We as fans want to see a second season of The Listener!

  3. The Listener truly is an amazing show, and Craig Olejnik is a very talented actor. When I first saw the show, I was automatically hooked. I started to look up everything on Craig himself (I am a huge fan), and the show. It was a canceled a few weeks ago here in the U.S, and it makes me so upset. It is an interesting show, and like Darlene said, the low ratings most likely had to do with its time slot.
    I’ve watched the unaired episodes online multiple times, signed the petition for a season 2, and am praying that NBC will pick The Listener back up. This show really deserves a chance.

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