Missing plug-in ContactSheetII in Adobe Photoshop CS4

Contact sheets let you easily preview and cataloug groups of images by displaying a series of thumbnails on a single page. You can automatically create and place thumbnails on a page using the Contact Sheet II command.

This feature is very popular with photographers and has been widely used since CS2 Photoshop. Regrettably, it’s been taken away in CS4 Photoshop and it’s a shock for the Photoshop/Bridge users when they upgraded their software to CS4.

Instead of using Contactsheet plugin, you can create a PDF contact sheet  for presentation with “Adobe Output Module” in  CS4.

But for those who still want to use the legacy Contactsheet plugin with CS4 Photoshop and Bridge, then here is the instruction.

1. Download the 5.8MB  file “Adobe Photoshop CS4 Optional plug-ins and ReadMe” English, Spanish and French, from this link.


2. Quit both Photoshop and Bridge CS4 if they’re opened.

3. For Photoshop CS4,

drop this file “ContactSheetII.plugin” from the above download (Adobe Photoshop CS4 Content/ English/Goodies/Optional plug-ins/Automate/ContactSheetII.plugin)

intoAutomate” folder (//Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS4/Plug-ins/Automate)

4. For Bridge CS4,

Drop this file “photoshop_contact_sheet_II.jsx“  (//Adobe Photoshop CS4 Content/English/Goodies/ Optional plug-ins/Bridge Startup Scripts/photoshop_contact_sheet_II.jsx)

intoAdobe Photoshop” folder ( //Library/Application support/Adobe/Startup Scripts CS4/Adobe Photoshop)

5. Launch Photoshop CS4 , File/Automate/contact sheet II

6. Launch Bridge CS4, Tools/Photoshop/Contact sheet II

The above instruction was tested with Mac OS 10.5.6 Leopard & Windows 7.


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  1. Is there a link to the Mac version of Contact Sheet? Can’t believe they would remove this in the first place! I use it all the time. And who the hell uses bridge anyway?!

  2. great post your save my life but i could not locate the below folder into “Adobe Photoshop” folder ( //Library/Application support/Adobe/Startup Scripts CS4/Adobe Photoshop)

  3. Manuel, thank you so much! but I’m having the same problem as adihamo. Library/ Application Support/ Adobe/ …….ends there!!!!! Where is startup scripts cs4? HELP!

  4. Here is the path where the above file should go for Bridge

    //Program Files/Common Files/Adobe/Startup Scripts CS4/Adobe Photoshop/

  5. I’m having trouble finding “//Program Files/Common Files/Adobe/Startup Scripts CS4/Adobe Photoshop/”

  6. Anybody having issues with this on window 7, I ve done it 3 time, double check everything. The offcial Adobe pdf doesn’t mention window 7 could that be the issue ?

  7. I cannot find Startup Scripts CS4 either and am on Window 7 too. Anyone find a solution or alternate location yet?

  8. Sorry to wake up an old thread, but I was also looking for the Startup Scripts CS4 folder on a Windows 7 install, and found it under the “Program Files (x86)” folder.

    My Windows 7 is 64bits, and from reading other post on similar subjects, it would seem that Bridge is only a 32bit application, even if your Photoshop is 64 bits.

    Hope this helps someone

  9. Everything works. Thank you very much. good luck

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