Frozen (Orbit Odyssey Remix), Unreleased Orbit Remix

I listened to the streaming Odyssey remix of Frozen by William Orbit (found here: )

So, this was posted over at the William Orbit blog

Ed says:
19 June 2009 at 9:14 am

Hi William, how are you? I wanted to ask you a question, i am a very big fan of your music and am always looking for your unreleased gems, now this guy i got to know from the internet is trying to sell me a frozen demo for 80 bucks. Do you mind telling me if this clip i got from him is real:
I would apreciate it a lot, and hope you understand that i really am a big fan searching for your unreleased stuff just because i never get enough of your music.
Thanx in advance.

William says:
19 June 2009 at 5:53 pm

Hi Ed,
I listened to the clip that you linked to. I could be wrong, but I think that it is an outtake from the remix sessions that I did December ‘97, after the album was finished. I cannot remember how many versions I did at the time but I say outtake in this instance because there is a bit of vocal in the clip that I would not have left like that.
I wonder who this person is and how they got hold of it. I’m trying to remember what studio it was. It was somewhere in Burnank California but not Larrabee North where we had done so much of the main album recording. This person certainly shouldn’t be selling it for $80. Only Warners can actually sell it if its a download, outtake or not. It is hard to control who sells what these days but it’s all for nothing if the recording isn’t so good. Unless you are a 101% Madonna collector completionista (isn’t that something that is well nigh impossible, to have everything, I’d like to know who has the most recordings!)
There’s a remix that I did at that December session and re-discovered only recently and used in a radio broadcast on BBC Asian Network a couple of months ago. I gave it some new tweaks. I think that it stands up very well and of course it’s a beautiful song with an absolutely divine and heartfelt vocal from M (this is the point, after having done Evita, where her voice started to develop a new magic and emotional depth imho).
Have a listen to this Frozen version before you decide anything. It’s streaming on post 191. And is much better than that half finished outtake.


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  1. Hi William,
    I’m a Madonna fan and I’ve always loved your remixes since Justify my love,Erotica and I’ll Remember.You have the power to create a depth and intense atmosphere and I really miss your sounds in this last period of Madonna career…
    I miss songs such as “Time stood still”(in my opinion a masterpiece) and its instrumental version is amazing!
    Madonna should collaborate with you again,I would listen to new electrtonic ballads again,’cause I think her voice doesn’t fit well to that “silly” hip-hop sound which characterized her last album “Hard Candy”.
    Since Ray of Light is one of my fav albums,I would know if there are unreleased song we don’t know and if there’s a way to get those wonderful remix versions you made in 97.
    I’d really apprecciate it.
    thanks in advance

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