Holiday and Dress You Up and Everybody Are Back!, Along with new Song “Celebrate”!

The extension of the Madonna tour is about to start in less than two months and here at MadonnaTribe we’ve heard a few things buzzing around.
Rehearsals are planned to take place in New York and starting at the beginning of June. They will approximatively go on for a month before flying to London for the premiere on July 4th.
As for the changes in the Sticky & Sweet set list a couple of beloved old classics will be replacing two songs of the 2008 lineup. The songs considered at the moment are the 1983 First Album classic hit Holiday, making its comeback in a Madonna tour and Dress You Up, the old fan favourite from Like A Virgin!

The inclusion of such classic songs will surely convince the people who were unsure about this tour extension that Madonna is once again trying something new, by strengthening her already successful show of 2008, reinventing it by adding more fan favourite oldies but goodies!

Following today’s report by Attitude magazine about the titles of new Madonna tracks, we have heard the buzz that there isn’t actually a song titled “I’m Sorry” but that’s just something Madonna says in the song that is at the moment called “Broken”.

The other new song by Oakenfold has been correctly reported as being titled “Celebrate” but it is not a rework of the classic “Holiday”.
It is indeed a new party song. But we heard that “Celebrate” and “Holiday” will be indeed mashed together along with “Everybody” in a brand new number of the Sticky And Sweet tour debuting in London on July 4th.

This medley is supposed to replace “Heartbeat” in the setlist while a Rock version of “Dress You Up”, as previously reported here, is rehearsed as a replacement of “Bordeline” in the show.


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