OMFG!! I’ve heard Celebration!!, Low, low-quality leak from video casting

I can’t tell you how, but I got an advance listen. It’s freakin’ hot!! The climax and my fav part…
Put your arms around me
When it gets too hot we can go outside
But for now just come here, let me whisper in your ear
An invitation to the dance tonight

I just love how she sings the above lyrics. The song slows down just a bit at that point… almost giving an angelic orchestra dreamy feel and she sings at a higher pitchl! (Stupid comparison, but so so excited and it’s the best way I can only describe it after one good listen!) It’s awesome!! And you’ll be pleasantly surprised that the DUB and regular mix do compliment one each other, but you haven’t heard anything yet until you hear the regular version.

Definitely a dance anthem with a throbbing beat. It will go to #1 on most charts… even the club charts in the U.S. And most definitely COULD be a big hit on U.S. radio stations if they’d get off their asses and play the song. When listening to the song, you forget all about that many of the lyrics are borrowed or are similar to her past hits.

While it’s easy to compare this song to old past hits, but after listening to it, it’s a song all on it’s own. It’s hard to explain… it’s like she channeled all her best dance songs and created something new. And I must say, the more I think about this, it could blow up as a huge sensation much like “Vogue” did.

Let me just say if you enjoyed her dance songs that were huge hit such as “Holiday”, “Into The Groove”, “Vogue”, “Hung Up” and “Deeper and Deeper”, you’re going to love this.


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