Madonna: New single “Celebration” is her best record in over a decade

A decent quality version of Madonna’s new single ‘Celebration’ has found its way to a select few listeners and even though it’s not in high quality, it still sounds better than anything Madonna has done in over a decade, which may not be saying much. Still, the song is a killer and not in a bad way.

You can hear her faintly talking at the beginning before declaring, “Come join the party, yeah!” Then she declares, “Let’s get this started, yeah!.” The lyrics are all cliché but Madonna is all about taking clichés and putting her own spin on them.. She has not sounded this inviting on a record since “Vogue.” If somebody said this song was recorded around 1990, it would be easy to believe.

The record sounds very retro, but also new and fresh. The bassline instantly grabs the listener in and doesn’t spit them out until the very end of the song. Some lyrics (“Step to the beat boy that’s what it’s for”) are a direct homage to her past songs – either that or she’s getting very lazy with her lyrics. In any case, I predict this record will land Madonna another top ten hit in the U.S (possibly number one if they get passed the “Don’t Play If Artist Is Over 40” law at radio.

Now that Mariah Carey is officially out of the Diva race since her first single “Obsessed” bombed, it’s officially Madonna versus Whitney Houston over the next few months.The critics will likely choose Whitney Houston because people love major comebacks, even if the music isn’t good. But Madonna will likely win over the listeners. In any case, we should not try to pit these two talented divas against each other and just be happy that they are still here making music.…n-over-a-decade

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