Madonna urged to stay away from Israel

More than 100 Jews and Israeli Arabs are calling on Madonna to call off her Tel Aviv concerts, scheduled for September 1 and 2.

The group has formed an organization called Boycott! Support the Palestinian BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) Call from Within, and on Sunday sent a letter to Madonna asking her not to perform at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds.

According to Tel Aviv University Prof. Rachel Giora, a member of the group, the organization is also encouraging Israelis to boycott Madonna’s performance, “to let Israel’s government know how they feel… thereby hoping to encourage the Israeli government to reconsider its policies.”

“A performance here would imply that Israel is behaving in an acceptable manner, and would be interpreted by Israelis as moral support for the illegal and inhumane policies, described by many as war crimes and crimes against humanity,” Giora said in the letter.

The letter refers to Madonna’s study of Kabbala and her understanding of the Jewish concept of tikkun olam, or healing the world. The group suggest that “Israel’s actions don’t reflect this [tikkun olam], as Palestinian dignity and life are being trampled upon.”

Although Madonna is not Jewish, she is known for her affection for Israel and the Jewish people, and her appreciation of Kabbala. It seems unlikely that she will comply with the boycott request.

source: jpost


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  1. why?

    Madonna brings joy to the thousands of people who go and see her shows!

    “More than 100 Jews and Israeli ”

    ok tell that to the 100,000 people who have paid to go and see her!

  2. It’s interesting to note that there doesn’t seem to be an wider call for her to not play (from the international solidarity groups). I suspect this is because no one really has any illusions in Madonna to do the right thing (same as when Paul McCartney did a concert).

    People have faith that someone like Leonard Cohen might end up doing the right thing, but not corporate-luvvies like Madonna and McCartney who just chase the $$$$$ and don’t care where it comes from.

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