Mariah vs. Madonna: Albums will be released the same day now…

Mariah seems determined to stop Madonna from getting another #1 in the US. This time it’s on the album charts. She tried with Touch My Body which wasn’t necessary since 4 Minutes peaked at #3. Now, what do you think of this delay??

Mariah Carey Delays New Album Again
Written by: Kris Lorenz

Highly anticipated album delayed again.

The release of Mariah Carey’s “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” will be pushed back from September 15 to the 29th.

Initial speculation of a delay was piqued when the singer cancelled her press dates to coincide with the original release date of August 25. She was to perform in New York on August 28 to debut some of the new tracks. This time, however, a statement on her Web site has stated that she is “putting the finishing touches on her newest album . . . and we have shifted all of our TV and promo appearances to coincide with the new release date of August 29th.”

“Obsessed,” the album’s first single, has already created some controversy as many have speculated that the song is about ex-lover Eminem. She has maintained, however, that the song is not about the infamous rapper. The single debuted at No. 11 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.


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