“Revolver” cover art/packshot – “Justify My Love” shots!!!! “Revolver” has gone for adds to Australian radio today.

From auspop.net:


Posted Image

Warner Music Australia has this morning taken ‘Revolver’, the other new track from Madonna’s greatest hits package ‘Celebration’ to local radio for adds. But they’ve also included for our edification, the packshot (or cover art) for the release. It seems to include a collection of images from the ‘Justify My Love’ cover shoot… Strange, but rather colourful.

Meaning that “Revolver” WILL serve as the second single for the GH, albeit with a “Rescue Me” type of release (sans video I mean) which won’t help in this type of market.


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  1. I know that Madonna has alot of followers. There are many people who visit her websites. What I dont understand is why is she NOT played on the radio? If everyone would call their local radio station and reqyest, no DEMAND that she be played. Celebration was a great single, but was kicked aside. I bet people who dont even know Madonna would have loved that song. Lets come together and give her the recognition she deserves!

  2. I live in Argentina, and Madonna´s “Celebration” single has been aired again and again in major radio stations since its release untill now. Everywhere you go, you hear the song. In Europe, Australia and the rest of the world Madonna is a big hit. I dont´k know what happens with her in the USA.

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