Hot Dance Club Play Issue date:01/30/2010

TW LW Title Artist Label/Dist Label

*1 *2 Fresh Out The Oven Lola Featuring Pitbull Epic
*2 *4 Did It Again (Lo Hecho Esta Hecho) Shakira Epic
*G3 *7 (Greatest Gainer) Why Don’t You Love Me Beyonce Music World / Columbia
4 3 One Love David Guetta Featuring Estelle Gum/Astralwerks / Capitol
*5 *G11 Russian Roulette Rihanna SRP/Def Jam / IDJMG
*6 *9 Come Back Clean The Crystal Method Featuring Emily Haines Tiny e / Reincarnate
*7 *12 Rain Anjulie Monster/Hear / CMG
8 *1 Push N Pull Noferini & Marini vs Sylvia Tosun Loverush / Sea To Sun
*9 *13 On The Floor (Oh Baby Please) Kaylah Marin Epiphany
10 10 Make Me Janet A&M / UMe
11 5 Drama Queen (Texting U) Simone Denny + Barry Harris Barry Harris
*12 *20 You Are Tony Moran Featuring Frenchie Davis Dance Music Productions
*13 *18 Bodies Robbie Williams Astralwerks / Capitol
14 6 Bad Romance Lady Gaga Streamline/KonLive/Cherrytree / Interscope
15 17 Loca Ranny Featuring Nina Flowers RockBerry
16 8 Heavy Cross The Gossip Columbia
*17 *P23 TiK ToK Ke$ha Kemosabe/RCA / RMG
*18 *21 Keeping Score Hannah Snowdog
*19 *28 Revolver Madonna Featuring Lil Wayne Warner Bros.
20 16 You Used To Know Andrea Carnell Curvy
*21 *27 Wonderful Billie Myers FruitLoop
22 *24 Here We Come (Ready Or Not) Rod Carrillo & Shefali Carrillo
*P23 *O39 (Power pick) Hard Rihanna Featuring Jeezy SRP/Def Jam / IDJMG
24 19 Meet Me Halfway The Black Eyed Peas Interscope
25 22 Wish U Love Chad Jack & Tim Letteer vs. Fawn Hades
26 14 Give Me Love Stephen Keyes Madtizzy
*27 *32 Fancy Free Sun JH
*28 *41 Acapella Kelis / Interscope
*29 *31 Shame On Me Amanda Blank Downtown
*30 *38 Dirty Desire Utada Island / IDJMG
*O31 (New) (Hot Shot Debut) The Power Of Music Kristine W Fly Again
32 26 Workin’ Girl Kelly King Tres Kneehows
*33 *N45 Feel It Three 6 Mafia Vs. Tiesto With Sean Kingston & Flo Rida Hypnotize Minds/Columbia / Sony Music
*34 *36 I Wanna Be Your Baby Henri Dauman
35 25 3 Britney Spears Jive / JLG
36 *34 Lost In You Jimmy D. Robinson Presents Ceevox J Music
37 15 I Want To Know What Love Is Mariah Carey Island / IDJMG
*N38 (New) (Debut) Telephone Lady Gaga Featuring Beyonce Streamline/KonLive/Cherrytree / Interscope
*39 *44 Hey Hey Dennis Ferrer Objektivity
40 43 I Look To You Whitney Houston Arista / RMG
*N41 (New) (Debut) For Your Entertainment Adam Lambert 19/RCA / RMG
42 29 Striped Socks Taylor Bright Bright House
43 40 Whatcha Say Jason Derulo Beluga Heights / Warner Bros.
44 33 Angel On The Dance Floor Dave Matthias Featuring Natalia Flores Carrillo
45 42 The Price Dappled Cities dangerbird
*N46 (New) (Debut) Feelin’ Like A Superstar Barbara Tucker B Star
*N47 (New) (Debut) It’s Over DJ Scott Mann Featuring Amuka DJ SM
*N48 (New) (Debut) End Of The Day Marija Neskovski King Of Clubs
49 30 Fight For You Morgan Page Nettwerk
*N50 (New) (Debut) Electricity Brian Anthony Sogni

Breakouts for Hot Dance Club Play

1 Overload Carmen Perez Not Listed
2 Automatik Livvi Franc Not Listed
3 Kumbaya Sir Ivan Peaceman
4 The Man I Love Alexis Gershwin Rhapsody
5 Morning After Dark Timbaland Featuring Nelly Furtado & SoShy


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