Mr Brainwash presents Icons Feb 14th in NYC

Does anyone else know about this?
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I first heard that Mr Brainwash was going to do a show in NY in the begining of January. Since then, he has slowly been posting more details about. It’s still only 3 days away and the exact location hasnt even been revealed yet.
Anways, when i heard that he was doing an show on the east coast, i just knew i had to go, plus he’s giving away a free finished screen print to the first 300 people.
Also, with his involvment on the Celebration releases, i just knew there was going to be alot of Madonna for this show, and maybe she would be the free screen print.
So, if you want to find out the exact location, you’ll have to go to on Feb 12th at 12pm EST to find out. I heard it was at 415 W 13th St, New York, NY 10014.

I’m debating whether or not i should still go.


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  1. Any idea how early one would need to show up to be one of the “first 300?”

  2. i hope you went! he had a show in la about a year ago(?) that was incredible.

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